Biden leaves for Asia under Ukraine, N Korea nuclear shadows

By Sebastian Smith

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(Sign of relief). He can take a holiday away from his failing rating, illegal immigration, homelessness, fentanyl deaths 110,000, SARS-cov-2 deaths over 1,000,000, no baby formula, the rise of white supremacy, record fuel prices, alienating every women over abortion, climate change, superior Russian and Chinese weapons…more…

Hope enjoys his rest. But he still has to back.

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This article author is not too bright !

Taiwan and mainland China have been involved in a civil war for years .

77% of Russia is in Asia.

South Korea and Japan are definitely not closely coordinating over anything and especially not Bidens geriatric holiday.

This" powerful message " will be "heard in Beijing "Sullivan said

Spoken about the issue with his Chinese counterpart

China probably got a good laugh out of Sullivan !

The Biden administration is prepared to" make both short and longer-term adjustments to our military posture " in response

Classic Biden useless sensational rhetoric !

Could use Bidens visit to saber rattle

Is that spelling of Saber correct ? @Harry

North Korea has defied UN sanctions

North Korea has laughed at UN sanctions.

Sullivan said the administration wants not so much to confront China on the trip as to use Bidens diplomacy to show that the west and its Asian partners will not be divided and weakened.

What a load of rubbish ! Biden is definitely confronting China before he even got on the airplane ! And its not like all Bidens Asian partners are on the same page anyway.

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to cement U.S. leadership in Asia

'Asia' should not need US, nor any other nation or empire's leadership (that goes for China and Russia, too, The US has more than enough problems within its own borders and should focus its attention there first. If President Biden can get other 'Asian' nations to co-operate with each other and defend themselves from any empire trying to dominate any part of the region than that would be a sign of a successful foreign trip. Respect national sovereignty, empires and empire-wannabes, leave sovereign nations alone.

Those who say why can't they justZoom instead of traveling, I assume y'all who are saying that have only worked at the lowest levels of the employment food chain, and don't understand the roles played by direct human to human contact when it comes to all relationships, and especially executive relationships. Though I would like to see all executives and higher level personnel in every field especially those that are pushing for the rest of us to reduce our carbon footprints walk their talk and find more ways to reduce their own carbon footprint.

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