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Biden promises to lay down 'red lines' to Putin; NATO addresses China challenge

By Max DELANY and Sebastian SMITH

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They also committed to increasing the alliance's budget and spending more on "common funding" -- but details remained sparse after opposition to increased spending led by France.

There you go - that’s the leadership Europe expects from biden and that is exactly what they will get. More American debt to pay for Europe’s defense while the Europeans use the surplus money gained by Americas stupidity on their welfare state. That’s the America Last Democrats we all know so well.

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To use the writers own verbiage: “Looming large in the…” foreground is a big red spot? What is being suggested with it featured so significantly and almost overwhelming the U.S.’s Biden?

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The warning to the Kremlin leader came as Biden pressed to renew Washington's transatlantic ties with allies after years of tensions under his predecessor Donald Trump.

Both these autocrats has ensured they will stay in office long past Biden has left the scene. I doubt anyone of them will care that much over what Biden will say. Both of them are hoping for your archaic Constitution to backfire, once again, in 2024 allowing for some Trump-clone to be awarded the keys to the White House 

One must remember that US politics only runs one electoral cycle at a time.

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We'll all feel better with Biden's "red lines" for Russians than Trump's plush "red carpets" for Putin.

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Biden: "we will respond if Russia continues its harmful activities."

Trump: "I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today."

Trump fans: "See gow strong and tough Trump is!"

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It’s laughable for posters to say that Biden will cave on Russia and China. He is doing exactly what they feared he would do: unite our allies and speak with a unified voice about breakdowns in international norms, human rights violations and military posturing.

Puttie is not even man enough to attend a joint news conference because he knows what the questions would be and knows Biden would answer them.

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And NATO’s administrative budget does not equal its defense spending. But any sentient being already knows this.

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"Biden promises to lay down because he doesn't know what to say" -- a more accurate title of the article

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Puttie is not even man enough to attend a joint news conference because he knows what the questions would be and knows Biden would answer them.

NY Times says it's Biden who is afraid of a joint conference.

"Instead, Mr. Biden will face reporters by himself after two private sessions with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, a move designed to deny the Russian leader an international platform like the one he received during a 2018 summit in Helsinki, Finland, with President Donald J. Trump."


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NY Times says it's Biden who is afraid of a joint conference.

And where in the article does it state that Biden is "afraid" of anything?

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Having watched Biden on TV, he came across as intelligent and interested in doing the right thing for America and the rest of the world. Biden may have become President of America a bit late in the game, however he seems to have a plan when it comes to China and Russia. I applaud Biden for what he is about to do in his role. America has always had its ups and downs. Let's ignore the negative ones, and enjoy America at its finest.

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I'm sure that Biden will indeed forcefully order Russia to obey Washington's orders.

The problem is that while Biden answers to America's oligarchy, Putin doesn't. And while Russia is a much diminished state from when it was the center of the USSR, the US (And NATO) is in the same position to China (And the BRI trade alliance) that Russia (And the USSR) were in to the US (And NATO) just before it collapsed. Which means that if the US economic attacks and interference in Russia's politics and international relations gets bad enough, Russia can simply formally join the B70+ and leave the US impotently shouting orders to itself.

Because much as we are supposed to consider it the G7 or NATO versus 'Putin' and/or 'Ji' it isn't, 'they' include a lot more people, governments, resources, etc than 'we' do, and 'our' credibility takes hits every time we declare a place to be 'not a democracy', to 'justify' the effort to force them to obey.

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Red lines? What an unfortunate choice of wording.

meanwhile Biden doing yet another thing he recently criticized Trump for doing.

Biden slams Republicans while on foreign soil in break with political norms

Biden's presidential campaign criticized Trump in 2019 when he spoke out against Biden from Japan

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Putin Must be trembling with fear knowing his days are numbered. Wonder what Seagal will do about this.

"Biden promises to lay down because he doesn't know what to say" -- a more accurate title of the article

Sadly, it’s looking that way.

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Red lines???? I have heard that toooo many times, those lines are always very blurry and wiggly...

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Because Biden criticized another for doing something but then also does it himself first chance he gets. Simple.

what do you call a person who does that? I know the answer.

You seem to be advocating for one team to abide by the rules that the other team recently broke

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P. Smith: I must say that it’s quite funny our “conservative” posters haven’t said this makes Biden a warmonger. I guess that talking points has faded in popularity.

Oh I remember when even a hint of a conversation about Russia got a big eye roll from Trump fans, comparing its GDP to American states to minimize them, and a quick pivot to China, where apparently Biden refused to engage out of fear and, of course, Hunter Biden.

That talking point lasted about 30 days.

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P. SmithToday  08:50 am JST

I must say that it’s quite funny our “conservative” posters haven’t said this makes Biden a warmonger.

Speaking of war, Biden was part of the administration that drew a red line over the use of chemical weapons in Syria during civil war there (innocent civilians being killed).

Of course, when those chemical weapons were used by the Syrian government Biden and that administration jumped way back from that red line. Suddenly it was an "international problem."

"we will respond if Russia continues its harmful activities."

Respond how? Ban vodka?

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U.S. President Joe Biden has a impossible task.

The French and German government hypocrisy is laid bare.

The German government energy policy will in be dependent on nord stream 2 gas pipeline.

Putin will have huge political influence over EU foreign policy.

Then to add insult to injury.....Marcon is pushing relentlessly for......

The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment


All effectively undermining Joe Biden China challenge.

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I imagine that Pres. Biden will make damn sure that Russia provides vital assistance to Libya, just like he said on the weekend. As long as he doesn't have to remember any tricky names of world leaders (like the President of South Africa), obscure military organizations (like the Royal Air Force) and the like, he should be fine.

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He will forget what colour line he is supposed to lay down and where he is supposed to lay it. Another presser and another bumbling mess. Putin is going to eat him for lunch.

‘The US really needs to find someone capable to replace him. Unfortunately the current succession plan is Kamala followed by Nancy. What a prospect.

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What is needed is a "SPTO" South Pacific Treaty Organization to counter China. LOL

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The US has about $ 8B military budget. That's bigger than the next 7 countries put together.

The US and allies in the G7 once colonized China.

The US and allies are operating their military and threatening manouvers at China's doorstep.

The US and allies in the G7 have their major and minor industries in China.

The US and allies owe China a great deal of money.

The US and allies have lost their prestige in many countries around the world due to their exploitative nature and unneccessary military interventions.

The US and allies behave like outlaws in a bad cowboy movie issuing ultimatums in these nonsensicke " red lines " yet they're the ones who've been crossing these red lines every which way.

The US, is driving the G7 to these confrontational posture even though it's obvious some don't want it.

The US and allies combined, already, spend tens of times more than China and Russia and are calling for MORE additional spending " to confront security threats" from Russia and China. while their own countries are falling apart in every way.

Could go on and on but just to sum up, the sheer hypocracy and stupidity of countries I once held in utmost regards baffle me !!

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Redlines, kek, more like appeasement

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where do you get this stuff?

I really don’t remember Orange saying shutdown NATO. I remember him asking them to pay more to keep it viable. And for hire? How exactly?

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Biden also called Putin "tough" and "a worthy adversary" ahead of their hotly anticipated meeting in Geneva on Wednesday.

Diplomacy is carrot and stick and Biden understands that well.

The former guy was putin's puppy, you couldn't expect him to act on anything.

Hopefully someday we'll know about the one-on-one meeting the former guy had with putin, where he forced the interpreter to destroy the notes.

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Biden lays down red lines to Putin...

Trump just lays down, cowering before his Master, string-puller. and financier...

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All things considered, Biden did a good job at the G7 Meeting. At his G7 press conference on the last day, he gave intelligent answers to difficult questions and he sounded like a leader who cares about democracy. Quite different from the Trump-made fiasco at the G7 a few years ago. Unfortunately, the damage of trust and confidence in that alliance has already been done (thanks to Trump), much to Russia's and China's delight.

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I just saw another clip,of Biden’s presser. Utterly awful.


Threatening to pull out if they don’t pay their way is not shutting it down. And getting countries to contribute to the cost of their own defence is not making the US military “for sale”

im no fan of Orange but Biden has been pretty awful so far

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Zero… that's the amount of times Trump was mentioned in this article.

whats your excuse?

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