Big city mayors in U.S. get audience with administration officials to pitch request for help with migrants


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But Johnston and the other mayors have asked for $5 billion 

5 billion? a year? who do you think you are, Ukraine?

Could have built a wall for 2 billion.

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This is just crazy! Europe and America are just going downhill. Smh…

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The US Congress needs to remove all the sugar and carrots for uninvited immigration. They need to make it harder, with greater penalties, for hiring anyone illegally in the country trying to work. Penalties need to be immediate deportation and fines 3x whatever their pay is to the company/person providing employment without using the Govt DB of who is legally allowed to work in the US.

I had to verify employ-ability in my small company. We required a Federal form be completed and 2 forms of ID from the approved list be provided, then I'd use the govt employment verify website to check if they were allowed. It wouldn't be hard to get fake enough ID to pass that, but every verification check would be logged so that names that get reused many times ... some cultures add the mother's family name to the last name, so the names get really long. It is common practice to selectively leave out parts of the family name, effectively creating 10s of aliases for the same person. Ana Maria Rodriguez-Lopez Vasquez-Garcia They pick which parts are dropped when they arrive in the US. Long surnames don't always fit on forms.

The Feds should be working with states to spread legal immigrants across all states and territories and mandate they remain in the state where they are sent for at least 1 year, assuming support services are provided there - like transitional housing and job search help.

Cities that choose to ignore federal laws should get less funding for immigrants. Similar to what the DoT did to get states to raise their drinking ages to 21. Withhold funds until they agree to enforce federal law.

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The Sanctuary cities asked for it but they didn't see the onslaught coming!!

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