Big summit, small hopes; G20 leaders meet on economy


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lets see if the french spoil the whole thing for everyone else just because it feels that a socialist stance would be good for their polls during the spring french strike season....

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What will damage G20 meet, nothing much.

Obama can steer G20,to new heights with power of pursuasions. Only problem now is the currency issues perfections between China/US.

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LOL, that is a tall order, considering Obama is trying to out-French the French.

I expect a lot of hot air from the meeting, but no agreement (and that is actually for the better in this case).

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Good to see the reactionaries in form inviting the "socialists" to comment. It would be too much to ask for more inventiveness from such no-hope perspectives.

Any leader appearing out the G20 is a proponent of capitalism, and cannot therefore be socialist. They can though pose as 'socialist' as defined by social democrat politic. But to call the leadership of the US and France socialist as posters have done reveals no understanding of what socialism means, let alone capitalism, and clue about the reality of this event that has been called so many names, but lets call just settle for the 'collapse of capitalism' - at all.

This summit can provide no solutions.

One held in London in 1933, attended by more than 1,000 world leaders and financial officials—although not President Franklin D Roosevelt—met for six weeks and then gave up.

Interestingly Roosevelt was taking a holiday on his yacht at the time, and apparently refused to attend the meeting of world leaders in London for that reason. He has been ever after blamed by a good few for America's long plunge into the Great Depression. Roosevelt was though, a clever leader, and the 'New Deal' provided the illusion of better times ahead, that capitalism needed to divert the general public from joining with the very real socialist movement that was building up in the US at that time.

There is no hope of such a 'New Deal' now though. These are far different times. And this gathering '2nd Great Depression' is the result of far worse fundamental conditions then back then.

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Hope the typos above don't confuse too much.

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Barack Obama is going into a hostile meeting. Most of the world blames the US for the financial collapse of the world markets. Between the derivitives and the collapse of the mortgage market, we're the reason for banks failing. Then there is everything else. < :-)

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"lets see if the french spoil the whole thing for everyone else just because it feels that a socialist stance"

You are aware that the French government is as far away from socialism than it's ever been?

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i wish people would stop thinking like the world works like a dictionary...apart from afew purists, people will integrate the principles of socialism, capitalism etc in different levels and ways....the US government is not 100% capitalist and the french are not 100% socialist...but what i was intimating was that the french govn't is using the G20 to ride on the wave of socialist feelings in the majority of france at the moment. The french government knows that spring is socialist strike time and this even more so and it knows that this is a good way to calm the striking masses and improved popularity.

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