Bill Cosby sues seven sexual assault accusers


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It's not defamation if it's true, Bill.

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Its not true, if its defamation, Joe.

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The situation arises that even if other cases prove that he did do these things to other women, it can still be true that he didn't do them to other women. Which legally fits the defamation label.

But to the common sense layman it is incredibly problematic when the crux of the defamation case lies with his status and his reputation being tarnished by the defamation when in fact it is tarnished by the other cases simultaneously.

I will admit not really following the case closely so I do not know if any cases have actually reached solid verdicts but if individuals had jumped on the bandwagon with malicious intent to simply squeeze money out of him they should be outed. Knowing how the law works in general I suspect that some legitimate cases will be shutdown by the party with the bigger wallet.

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Is this basically an admission that the other 43 plus cases are true? This guy is a disgusting monster. I don't condone people jumping on the bandwagon for money, but what reputation are they really defaming?

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A shame he didn't have a thing for little boys I'm in the age range to be eligible for a late eighties claim too.

780 million dollars and shyster US lawyers makes me not believe anyone. Cosby included.

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Cosby is fighting an uphill battle. He admitted in a court deposition to using Quaaludes to make young women susceptible to having sex with him:

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