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Bill English to be New Zealand's next prime minister


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He will be appointing Johnny English to be head of their Secret Service.

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Will be a steady hand but will be interesting to see how National fares in the polls next year without Key. The election will be harder to win I suspect. Still English the best choice for now.

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Wakarimasen, you beat me to it!

I wonder what kind of breakfast he eats.

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A full English of course. Somebody please tell me his middle name is Jock.

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His first name is "Speak"

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Small country but has been doing much right.

relatively robust annual GDP growth of more than 3 percent and the unemployment rate has fallen below 5 percent.

small surpluses on the government’s books

deliver tax cuts and spread the country’s growing wealth to where it is needed.

If only much of the rest of the developed world could be a little (or lot) more like New Zealand.

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@fxgai Economic growth has been partially achieved by a lot of immigration. Net migration of 70,000 people a year when population is around 4.6 million. Has put massive pressure on housing stocks in particular and real estate values have boomed. Good if you own property like me, bad if you are a low wage worker and your rent is increasing well beyond any increases in your pay.

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Seems he's very much in the Tony Abbott, Francois Fillion or even Mike Pence mould: ultra catholic, anti abortion, family first etc. Not a fan of those guys i have to say but hopefully the french and kiwi will tune down their religious rhetoric to blend in. France & NZ are modern secular nations and do not want to go back 50 years. Not against a hit of conservatism but keep religion out of politics please.

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