Bill Gates says time with Epstein a 'huge mistake'


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Very interestingly timed article. No doubt there is kompromat on Gates. He must be doing damage control for some reason.

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Jeffrey Epstein knows too much, he must be gone forever!

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It would be a huge mistake if there was dirt on him that got exposed.

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yeah, sure thing. I was only in the red light district last night to get stock tips and the latest information on the US border crisis.

Gates maintained that he only met with Epstein to raise money for the philanthropy he and his wife founded.

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Could have something to do with the unsealing of documents in the Ghislaine Maxwell case, which was just delayed to allow for an appeal. Undoubtedly some big names in there. Gates would be right to try and get ahead of this.

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"It was a huge mistake to spend time with him, to give him the credibility of being there," Gates said during an interview with Anderson Cooper.

No Bill, you never thought at the time that it was a mistake to socialize with a convicted sex offender, surrounded by teenage girls, coming and going

You never questioned why it was necessary for you to be a passenger on Epstein’s plane?

Bill Gates don’t play dumb!

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There seems to be quite a few globalists like Gates who are very nervous about their prior activities with Epstein.

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