Bitter row erupts over Anne Frank betrayal book


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Once again, politics over the truth.

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"Our message from the very beginning of our investigation was, and always will be, had it not been for the Nazi occupiers, none of this would have happened," Pankoke said.

Never, ever forget that.

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I don't see why it is so hard to imagine that a person might sell someone out in order to save themselves or their families. This is the pithole in victim positions, they adopt a rigid view and become incapable of seeking the truth. And instead fight anything that veers from the narrative.

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An elective course, German as a second language in my elementary school required reading the Diary of Anne Frank. Her entries were always written to “Kitty.

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There is not a single shred of evidence, nothing other than "most likely".

This is a conspiracy theory, most plausible,

Nothing more than "sensationalist" claptrap to cash in on Anne Frank memory bravery and courage.

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No matter whether a Jew was responsible for this or that event, the international Jewish community will defend him/ her vigorously however the evidence was clear. Any other "Goyim" will be branded as anti-semit if he speaks of anything that is not to the Jewish liking.

I strongly recommend this Paul Findley's book, among others:

They Dare to Speak Out.

Even now, writing just this simple post, it won't be strange if I will be branded as Anti-semit, although I'm a semit myself.

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Otto Frank also named this person, so its most likely true. But who among us would have acted any differently?

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I really don’t see why after all this time it’s so important to know who betrayed Anne Frank. We all know these things happen in wartime, we all know that people in extremis will do what they have to in order for themselves and/or their families to survive. What’s important is not to forget Anne Frank herself, of the six million innocent people for whom she stands as a symbol of the mass slaughter that was visited on them just because of the fact that they were born Jewish.

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A bitter row? People need to stop living in the past this is almost it of living memory. We have enough misery and problems here in the present

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zichiToday 07:46 pm JST

This is another painful memory for the wartime Jewish community and the survivors. Many in the death camps were given options of doing something terrible against their own people in return for their own lives or an extra bit of rotting bread.

> The Nazis are 100% responsible for the barbarism and cruelty and the gassing of 10 million people.

So very true. People need to vilify the ones who perpetrated the atrocities.

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Ultimately, whoever divulged the existence of the annex, the Franks met a terrible date that should never have occurred in the first place.

As many commenters have pointed out, the ultimate culprits in this story are the Nazis. Period. End of discussion.

And if, by some chance, it was a fellow Jew who turned them in to try and save their own family, so find it difficult to condemn them. Who wouldn’t do everything possible to save their own loved ones? The Nazis and their barbarism forced people to turn against their neighbors in a sick game to survive.

I think our real concern should be the rising tide of anti-semitism and far-right extremism that is increasingly becoming mainstream - we ought to let Anne and her family rest in peace and focus our efforts on sniffing out the little monsters that seek to glorify the people who killed her.

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-But he too stressed that by identifying a suspect, they were not necessarily condemning him.

Total BS. That's exactly what happens when you point the finger at someone in this way.

-complex algorithms.

This is why we need to ban 'AI' from the legal system and many other areas of life.

I don't think any book should be banned. I think this one is ethically questionable exploitation and those responsible should not try to justify, excuse or exonerate themselves. They made a bad call involving themselves with it and they should accept the consequent criticism. A summary of the content have been acceptable as a brief note of reference in an academic journal. As a commercial publication that is sold for profit, it is distasteful.

Did Jews ever save their own skins at the expense of others in WWII? Of course they will have. That always happens when people with guns start knocking on doors. Occupied France, occupied Korea, anywhere that has been occupied, people are forced to make these choices. You would too. Those people are victims too.

What we should take from this is the need for the continued and unflinching eradication of abusive dictatorships wherever we find them. They are the 'legitimate targets' of civil society, of nations, governments and individuals, and always will be.

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I have no idea who is factually right in this brouhaha, but censoring free speech is always wrong. Do we really want to go back to book burning?

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