Blasts kill 27 Iraqis before solemn Shiite holiday


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No posts yet because there is no mention of American forces. The only place the word American shows up is in the "a political party led by an anti-American cleric." part of the article. This goes to show you the crocodile tears of the left in past articles on Iraq. They only care when there is an America to blame and criticize. Or is it that now America is the perfect utopia with Wonderboy Obama at the helm?

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I wonder what kind of ignorant twerp it takes to call Ashura a "solemn holiday".

Whatever adjective one could come with for the hysterical rampage of blood and rage that is Ashura; "solemn" ought to be the last.

But then again it is safe to assume that the writer did not even bother to check on what Ashura actually means.

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Yep, it turned out to be a shite holiday, alrite :(

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Iraq is turning into a bloodbath, verging on civil war and it is all due to Obama and his dithering. He has emboldened the evil doers with his cut and run policies. I am afraid many more deaths will occur!!

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This has to stop...

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"But then again it is safe to assume that the writer did not even bother to check on what Ashura actually means."

Luckily, we have you - the Japan Today Islamic Oracle to keep us posted. Heh, even Christmas Day you're at it. Get a life!

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Americans don't care who dies in Iraq as long as (1) it's not Americans, and (2) Al-Qaeda can't set up a haven in all that bloodbath. Ever notice that American news don't pay too much attention to Iraqi deaths? When's the last time American pundits have asked for a moment of silence for Iraqis?

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Quote: Sheik Hameed Maroof al-Obaidi, a Sunni imam in northern Baghdad, said sectarianism should be dismissed and called on Muslims to “coexist even with Jews and Christians because our prophet, Muhammad, did that.”

We can learn a lot from this one statement. As an Imam, even higher in status than WilliB, he has to say this to his flock because of the number of people too stupid to understand.

Not quite sure how you 'dismiss' sectarianism, but that is what the problem is. This has nothing much to do with Americans.

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