Biden invites Zelenskyy to White House amid stepped-up push for Congress to approve more aid


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Bringing Zelenskyy to the White House is not going to move, sway Johnson or the House Republicans to capitulate and give this guy more U.S. tax dollars.

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They should seat him outside the speakers office until that jesus freak does what is right.

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bass4funkToday 07:29 am JST

Bringing Zelenskyy to the White House is not going to move, sway Johnson or the House Republicans to capitulate and give this guy more U.S. tax dollars.

The majority of House Republicans just want extra gimmees as part of the deal. Only a small amount are die hard surrender caucus.

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Busy guy. From El Financiero, we learn that Zelenski arrived in Buenos Aires today to attend the inauguration of the new president of Argentina, Javier Milei, who had offered to host a summit between Ukraine and Latin American countries, with the atated purpose of boosting Ukraine’s ties with regional countries and the Global South.

Hours before he was scheduled to meet the Argentine Congress, Zelenski held a meeting with the president of Paraguay, Santiago Peña, and other regional guests attending Milei's inauguration. The Ukrainian leader thanked Peña “for his determined support for Ukraine within international organizations." and told Peña that he counted on Paraguay to join the implementation of the Peace Formula.” Before arriving in South America, he made a stopover on his trip to Argentina to meet with Ulisses Correia e Silva, prime minister of Cape Verde, in West Africa.

El Financiero noted that Zelensky and other Ukrainian leaders have often described Ukraine's war against Russia as resistance against colonial aggression, hoping to win support from states in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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This money could be used for child stimulus, Biden must think he is President of Ukraine,instead of America priority

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ThubanToday 07:53 am JST

Zelenskyy traveled to Buenos Aires to witness the swearing-in on Sunday of Argentina’s new president, Javier Milei.

So Zelensky’s country is facing a “brutal” invasion which he calls a genocide… but he has time to visit Argentina to meet with a far right leaders.

Yes. The ONLY way to stop the genocide in Ukraine is to secure the proper funding and weaponry to send the fascists back.

Zelensky seems awfully happy that the far right won in Argentina.

Well he certainly isn't going to celebrate the clown show leftists who think the the most important issue for their country is to have the US lift its embargo on Cuba.

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Zelensky seems awfully happy that the far right won in Argentina.

You were happy at the election result in Argentina. Perhaps you and Zelensky have more in common.

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Next week is crunch time for the budget in Europe. From Financial Review, we learn that a European Commission proposal that would provide EUR 50 billion (81.6 Billion USD) to prop up the Ukraine’s s budget for the next four years, is a hanging question mark, ahead of the summit of EU leaders next week, following months simmering bickering – and weeks of intense bickering - between member states over how to fund it, and everything else they want to fund and subsidize.

From FR, we also learn some of the urgency to this.

Accoding to them, Ukraine needs foreign aid to pay for the government, public services, pensions and benefits – including 41 Billion USD in external financing next year, according to the budget that was passed by parliament last month. It is counting on 18 Billion USD from the EU, 8.5 billion USD from the US, 5.4 billion USD from the IMF, 1.5 Billion USD from other development banks, and 1 Billion from the UK. While negotiating with other partners, such as Japan and Canada.

Otherwise “it may have to resort to monetary financing by the central bank, which could unleash hyperinflation and put financial stability at risk.” .

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It's all in the Repubs' field!

If they don't want to support Ukraine ....

... well guess who they are supporting!

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украина все . страна 404

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nikToday 09:39 am JST

Ukraine didn't almost have its government toppled by one of its mercenary outfits. Sounds like Russia isn't a real country.

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... well guess who they are supporting!

the American people.

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BlacklabelToday 10:00 am JST

... well guess who they are supporting!

the American people.

No. Surrendering to America's enemies does not support the American people. That is why they are called enemies.

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Surrendering to America's enemies 

America is not involved in this war.

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Consider this article. Then consider what we learned today, when conferees US Senators Murphy and Lankford took to the Sunday network circuit to bitterly denounce the others' position for any progress on the issue.

The Lankford position over boarder security (border security reforms, for funds to re-build the wall and have more CBOs, along with tightening U.S. asylum and parole laws for migrants) appears to have broad party support. While Murphy’s position - that shutting down entry at the border completely to people "legitimately" claiming asylum - was a non-starter for his party, that also appears to have broad party support. He also insisted in one appearance that, without quick passage of the administrations’ 100 Billion+ supplemental appropriations, that Russia is going to march into Ukraine, and China is going to be given a green light to invade Taiwan, unless the package is passed before the end of the year.

So ends another weekend of negotiations over the budget.

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The republicans just don’t get it. Ukraine is fighting so we don’t have to.

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TiffanyToday 11:07 am JST

The republicans just don’t get it. Ukraine is fighting so we don’t have to.

Full on bull, Americans don't need to fight Russians . Just neocons and military complex dreamin.

When you are responsible for the security of the entire OECD as the US is, you can't just say "not our problem". Russia and China scheme in concert and have to be addressed together.

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Ukraine is fighting so we don’t have to.

for what purpose would we have to fight Russia?

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I think the rare event I will applauding the American Republicans is their attempt to end Ukraine aid. Biden is just absurd of unlimited helping of the Kyiv regime !

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