Blinken defends Pakistan arms sales against Indian criticism


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after withering criticism from growing U.S. partner India, which considers itself the target of Islamabad's F-16 planes

Selling outdated fighters already on the civilian market to a country whose territory we regularly drone strike:

It's just good business.

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India should consider that Pakistan could just as easily buy fighter aircraft from India's arch enemy China. They already co product the J-17 in Pakistan. The US at least can exert some control over how F-16s are used as there is always some procedure or item of support equipment necessary to fly them that requires a US Citizen to do, or not do something, depending on the situation.

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US will sell arms to both sides since wars are good business for the US military industrial complex.

Having said that, it was Trump who put a stop to aid and funds to Pakistan and the current administration which is resuming it. 

In fact over the last 3 decades it has been Republican administrations which have been better for India-US relations than Democrats.

For all their rhetoric about human rights and democratic values, Democrats have favoured Pakistan - a bastion of human rights (with the second strictest blasphemy laws in the world after Iran) and democracy (where the military is the power behind the throne and not even one civilian government has completed its full term) over India.

The fact that US foreign policy in this region has traditionally favoured Pakistan (a country that sheltered Osama Bin Laden who had fled from the Americans) over India (a country that sheltered Dalai Lama who had fled from the Chinese) tells you something about US hypocrisy.

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Blinken defends Pakistan arms sales against Indian criticism - JapanToday:

India is a member of the infamous QUAD.

Has New Delhi been consulted or at least discussed when Washington starts selling arms to Islamabad?

Has US enthusiast Modi been purposely sidelined..?

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Selling such dangerous weapony to the country responsible for sheltering Bin laden is not only insanely reckless, it is disgusting. India has been courting USA's enemies and needs to be repremanded for that. But how can the US critise India when the US does this? War-mongering is evil but Corporate industry profiteering out of War is sickening. What if young americal soldiers are hurt from such planes will Blinken or his military-corporate partners be held to account? No.

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