Bloodied and demoralized Syrians evacuate Aleppo


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I imagine this huge propaganda hullabaloo in the western media about civilian casualties is actually about securing safe passage out of Aleppo for the al-Qaeda, Wahhabist and various other Saudi/Qatari backed militants. Also, it would probably be hugely embarrassing if it turned out that they've been trained by western intel agencies in Jordan and Turkey. What I can't understand is why the Russians are playing along.

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judging from the visuals on the clinton news network one would be forgiven for thinking the populace was made up entirely of small children.

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What I can't understand is why the Russians are playing along

Taking the higher ground I guess. The horse is already been drawn and quartered. No need to beat on it anymore.

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Burning Bush, an all too pertinent question, but watch the thumbs down appear.

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“Where is the world?”

The world is not prepared to square up to Russia and risk a wider conflict. Unfortunately the UN is failing time and time again and it's Russia that is usually against the organization it's a member of.

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I imagine this huge propaganda hullabaloo...

Yeah, that sums it up.

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Funny how 'Eastern Aleppo rose in revolt' right about the time a group of armed men invaded it and most of the population fled in fear of the invaders. You'd never know, from the articles and news reports of the past few years, that most of the civilian population of east Aleppo was waiting, in west Aleppo (and elsewhere in 'regime controlled territory') for a day like today. Basically, as soon as the demining teams clear a building of the IEDs and mines that boobytrap everything from front doors to fridge doors, the families that lived there in 2011 walk in, looking to see what they'll have to rebuild, and hoping to find alive those that didn't get out in time.

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Several usual, very crude propaganda tricks:

Bloodied and demoralized Syrians evacuate Aleppo

In fact, most inhabitants of Aleppo welcome the Syrian army, but these people are of no interest to the Western media and are ignored.

hospitals bombed, bodies left unburied and civilians blown apart by shells as they fled for safety

Vaguely worded statement that gives the impression that Syrian army is the culprit. In fact "moderate terrorists", besieged at Aleppo actively shelled government-controlled areas and used civilians as human shield, shooting at everybody who tried to fled.


it's Russia that is usually against the organization it's a member of

The US and a bunch of its satellites are members of the UN, but they are not the whole organization. And I do not remember US/NATO paying much attention to UN before the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

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Could also be written as "Jubilant and victorious Syrians enter Aleppo". such a shame that the city had to be destroyed in the process. and so many dead. This civil war will go on for years to come, even if as a low level guerilla affair.

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Victory to the Assad government and Russia. Ignominious and deserved defeat to Obama and his defecto allies Al Qaeda and ISIS.

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tens of thousands of residents and rebel fighters are being evacuated to opposition-controlled areas in the surrounding countryside

Only to be bombed later when Syrian forces determine Aleppo is secured. Looks like the oppositions' best tactic would be to negotiate some sort of peace deal with the Syrian government or simply surrender.

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Assad isn't going anywhere. He is there to stay, thank god. Obama backed terrorists and they are losing.

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