Bloomberg offers plan to tackle racial economic inequality


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Bloomberg has floated the idea of spending a billion of his own money against Donny whether Bloomberg is the democratic nominee.

Haha, Donny!

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I see Bloomberg playing that classic song dems are wont to do when ever they are entertaining the black vote.

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I don’t know if he’ll be the nominee but I like Mike. Doing and saying the right things and he’s not poisoning the well. Dang sure do like the man and proud he visited Oklahoma.

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If only he had the IQ to understand how ironic this is. The most anti-Black laws in America are all pushed and passed by Democrats. The minimum wage is probably the single most anti-Black law in America. The law literally orders employers to discriminate against low-skilled people, which tend to be predominantly Black people from poor neighborhoods. Common core is another anti-Black law which traps poor people, predominantly Black, in poor quality schools. Various government mandated licenses and labor laws restrict job opportunity for poor people from poor neighborhoods, which are again predominantly Black and minorities. Govt. welfare programs, which incentivizes people to rely on welfare rather than work and climb the job ladder to improve your standards of living. The welfare traps you into poverty. Social programs like child benefits incentivizes young women to have kids just to collect the benefits, this leads to young mothers and broken families. Then there are all the anti-racism laws imposed on businesses to prevent racism, but what they actually do is make minorities a liability for employers, which makes employers more reluctant to hire them.

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Maybe the party of slavery, the KKK and Jim Crow should start by apologizing for using racial division to achieve political power. Even to this day Dems push racial policies such as affirmative action and disparate impact theory to divide the people and provide spoils to their voter groups. Did MLK really want America to discriminate against Asians in college admissions because they are too smart?

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he lost me at “reparations”. I wonder who told liberals this was a good idea to champion.

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Mr. Health guru now has the answer where everyone else didn’t and couldn’t? Yeah, sure....

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