Blues legend B.B. King dead at 89


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Boy am I ever glad I went to two of B.B. King's concerts bothin the U.S. and in Japan. He was magnificent both times. RIP.

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RIP. Another one of the greats is gone.

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Legend! Saw him when he was the so-called support act to U2. He blew me away... and U2. RIP

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He could play. His vocals weren't too shabby either. Some talent.

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Hi legacy will last for quite some time. He influenced many other greats! I am thankful he shared his talents with us. RIP.

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Rest in Peace. A true legend

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Ahhh! The good ones are disappearing.

Poor Lucile, now she'll be all alone.

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This guy was a legend in his art its sad to see him go.

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Saw King once too. Sad day for all you guitar players out there. We still got Buddy Guy. If you you dig Blues Guitar- Buddy Guy is almost right up there with B.B.King.

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B.B. King was an amazing musician, although he couldn't read music or play chords, he knew how to play and play he most certainly did. The man made some incredible music, even heard today from Clapton that he learned a lot from BB back when he was as young musician. The world once again has lost another great legend and the sad thing is, there will never be another like him and even that genre of great and talented line of musical legends is drawing to a close, very sad indeed. You will never be forgotten.


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R.I.P B.B. King. Now he was in heaven and God has looking after him. Unfortunately, it will be beginning of wrestling between his children and his business manger Laverne Toney for his estate.

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They don't make 'em like that anymore.

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He as 89?

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