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Body parts, debris found after Indonesia plane crash


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Body Parts? Very low JT......

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Body Parts? Very low JT......

Not JT, but AP.. this is a AP article re-published by JT..

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Relatively speaking, plane crash is not uncommon in this country of thousands of islands and some 270 million people. Perhaps it was due more to mechanical fault than human error.

Whatever it is, the authorities concerned cannot afford to continue adopting a laissez- faire attitude..

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Dropping 3000+ metres in less than a minute says that something catastrophic while in flight. That is backed up by FlightRadar data showing things were going normally up until just after 07:40 UTC when it just dropped out of the sky.

This indicates a single event, rather than a more complicated chain of events (decompression, uncontained engine failure etc) and subsequent maneuvers caused the downing.

There were also initial reports of debris landing on a neighbouring island, which by looking on the maps indicates a significant debris field.

The "B" word must be high on the investigators list.


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Sounds like a catastrophic structural failure as opposed to systems or both engines going down. Caused by what? Hopefully they can piece it together.

Descent path seemed highly vertical by the sound of it (3 kms in under a minute), so it doesn’t sound like the pilots could glide it down or control the descent itself.

Assuming they tried of course.

What a horrific event for the unfortunate passengers.

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Body Parts? Very low JT......

Can't handle the truth? Probably best for you to never read or watch the news.

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So much can bring a plane down, it's close to a miracle how many flights land and take off successfully

Quite the opposite actually

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