'Body Snatchers' actor Kevin McCarthy dies at 96


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I just saw him last night in an episode of "Hawaii 5-0." He was a great character actor. I liked him in "The Distinguished Gentleman" with Eddie Murphy.

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The great ones will be remembered. Kevin McCarthy is remember-able. RIP/ < :-)

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I am ashamed to admit that I have seen very very few of these performances. Like.... two. I am going to pull out the stops to see two of these before next week.

"He originally turned down the role when director John Huston approached him, complaining that it was too small."

I guess I don't really get this. Ernest Borgnine, after getting his Oscar, played all kinds of goofy roles and loved it. Was K. McCarthy just slow to come around to the fact that small parts is the best you can do sometimes?.... I mean after Death of a Salesman, I guess I could understand why he would have some pride... but an actor who isn't working is... well, you know.

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Now I need to go rewatch his movies.

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The Pods!


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Ninety-six sounds like a nice old age. It's ironic Alex Jones quoted his roll in the 1956 version of The Body Snatchers just the other day while discussing RNA.

"Please, listen to me. If you don't, if you won't, you're next!"

< :o

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