Boehner challenges Obama on missile defense remark


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So what does Obama have to say about The Soviet Union, oops, i mean Russia supplying weapons to the Syrian government or the sending of Russian troops to aid in the crackdown on the civilian populace?

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"postelection flexibility"

I dream of postelection retirement for Obama.

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I suppose we have to look at it from the Republicans' point of view. Concepts like "compromise" and "moderate" are thrown around as criticism, so in the light we shouldn't be surprised that "flexibility" would be on the list as well. It just doesn't jive well with their neanderthal form of negotiation.

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Obama wants Putin to know that once he is safely re-elected, then and only then, will he cave and give him everything he wants. If he gives away missile defense before the election, that could hurt his re-election chances, which of course he sees as being much more important that America's national security interests.

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Yep. Flexibility apparently equals "willingness to make unilateral concessions" and "cave and give him everything he wants". Purely Republican mindset in play.

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"I and other members of the House have previously expressed concern about your administration’s apparent willingness to make unilateral concessions to Russia that undermine our missile defense capabilities,” the Ohio Republican wrote. “Your comments reinforce those words.”

Heh, Boehner's well aware it's only a matter of time before November hits and his job goes up in smoke.

You can smell the fear.

" unilateral concessions to Russia that undermine our missile defense capabilities."

This is just patently ridiculous.

How many times over does Boehner think it's "necessary" to be able to destroy the planet with America's arsenal??

Maybe 500 isn't enough?

Where does the GOP get these idiots from?

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Unilateral concessions? What is he blubbering about?

Boehner could be up for a Darwin Award if he continues like this.

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The great thing about concessions concerning the missle shield is that it looks like we really did Russia a favor for calling off the tiger....but the tiger is in fact made of paper!

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Yep. Flexibility apparently equals "willingness to make unilateral concessions"

Unilateral concessions? What is he blubbering about?

The unilateral concessions those "flexible" Russians could care less about.

No unilateral missile defense concessions from Russia - Ryabkov

Moscow does not intend to propose any initiatives on missile defense, which the U.S. could interpret as concessions. This was stated by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, speaking on Ekho Moskvy radio station.

According to him, negotiations on this subject proceed with difficulty, but they are not at an impasse. "A political decision is feasible, if there is a will to seek compromise," - said the official.

"We cannot simply adopt the American position. This would amount to action in detriment of one’s own interests," - added Ryabkov.

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Having more room to negotiate doesn't necessarily mean they'd agree to something in the end neither, if a deal is deemed unacceptable. Sometimes allowing my underlings more room to negotiate their positions, but in the end, I still say no, hahaha.............

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