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World powers join search for abducted Nigerian schoolgirls


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Isn't it about time to eradicate the Boko Bums! Destroy their structure, and the one after that, and the one after that. This cannot be tolerated in the world today. Anywhere!

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Zanna said the town had been left unguarded because soldiers based there had been redeployed north towards Lake Chad in an effort to rescue more than 200 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram on April 14.

Why are the lives of girls considered to be so much more valuable than that of the general population? Is this 'male privilege' that I hear so much about?

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Illyas.......I suspect world focus on Nigeria and the girls abductions. An lapse in security which ended up costly in human lives.

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Why are the Muslim leaders around the world so silent about all of this? Why are they not condemning these atrocities? Is not Islam a religion of peace?

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......apparently not! Otherwise they would.

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I agree that the silence of other Muslim leaders/groups/countries is conspicuous and deafening.

Why are they always so silent when atrocities by those of their own religion murder, rape, and kill in the name of said religion?

I'd really like to hear them strongly denounce and condemn these actions publicly.

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As we all would Speed. But they don't. Why is that? Very few leaders of Islam actually speak against the murders, rapes, and destruction of non-compliant Muslims and non-Muslim peoples.

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"Sex slave is a global issue", this is just a small example of young girls and women who has been abused by militants (extremist Islamist with Al Qaeda affiliated- in this case) throughout history. Now, is the right time for Korea from top to bottom speak out, and even volunteer to help Nigeria if they are so passionate about it. To exploit this issue for a national and political interest is a shame and uneducated.

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I agree with Mark G. Im really hoping the entire Boko Haram group are cleansed from Africa very soon - to a person - be that by other African groups or foreign military. Just hoping these poor, innocent schoolgirls miraculously have survived.

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@ SimonB

Al Azhar did.


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Typical. Lots of hot air that will result in nothing actually being done. Boko Haram will continue to thrive as long as there are no opportunities for young men to make their mark in more positive ways and as long as they beiieve that purging the world of unbelievers is a good and righteous thing to do. This is the type of enemy that all the West's military might and cultural norms and hot air just cannot eradicate.

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@Afroengineer, thank you for pointing out someone in Islam speaking out. Sadly there have been many cases where the outspoken ones may say one thing in front of a camera to appeal to the sensibilities of "the west" and then turn around and show their true ideals (which run totally opposite of what they said before). So there is much doubt of the true heart behind one's words and representation. It can only be taken with a grain of salt.

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Personally, I can't name one leader of Islam the way I can name leaders (Popes, arch bishops, etc. Televangelists) of various Christian sects, and I hear very little of what is being or is not being said by any imams. Is there a "pope" in any of the main branches of Islam, or is it much more localized?

The local people are speaking out. The families of the kidnapped are speaking out.

France did a good job of chasing Boko Haram out of Mali. I hope a combined force can crush them everywhere.

And I'd also really like to see President Kim take a strong stand against this ongoing sexual slavery. It would be great if Japan and Korea could agree on this and provide some combined support.

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@Taj The Sunni tradition doesn't have the kind of hierarchy you'd find in Catholicism or the Shia tradition in Iran with the Ayatollah. Some have claimed that this is dangerous as any idiot with a large enough following can claim to speak on behalf of Sunnis. Others have pointed out that bloodthirsty fanatics such as the Ayatollah issuing Fatwas against writers is hardly an improvement.

As for why there has been too little condemnation of this in the Muslim world, I'm sure the vast majority condemn murder but it becomes problematic for many Muslims to condemn people for holding Islamic values. We'll probably get the usual 'perverted' or 'twisted' descriptions of Boko Haram's Islam but the same people will tell us that Islam is open to many interpretations. I just wonder what is the 'true' interpretation these people are working from. Along with this, we'll probably get the retort from some that this is nothing to do with Islam but can be blamed on politics. Both retorts are beyond the expression 'wearing thin'.

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Where's Japan's contribution?

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World Muslim leaders probably know it is safer not to say anything or stand out too much. Apart from the rare courageous leader, fear works wonders among them. In this case they will probably be happy for the West to do their dirty work for them.

Sadly the West should not be getting involved there, a moving goalpost world. One way or another they are getting pulled into someone else's mess, and to add insult to injury they will take the blame for everything that goes wrong, as it surely will. The ensuing criticism will come from all sides.

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"World Muslim leaders probably know it is safer not to say anything or stand out too much."

The same ones who publicly issue death orders against cartoonists, book authors and filmmakers? Yeah, right.

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There are plenty of people in leadership positions in Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc. who could make statements condemning Boko Haram. They don't. Instead, as Jeff points out, they issue statements encouraging the killing of people who "insult Islam." It would seem that, in fact, there is no "peace" unless you "submit." Time to wipe Boko Haram off the face of Africa. And conserve energy. Take the train! No more oil money for people who condone murder!

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Bgood41May. 08, 2014 - 10:20AM JST "Sex slave is a global issue", this is just a small example of young girls and women who has been abused by militants >(extremist Islamist with Al Qaeda affiliated- in this case) throughout history. Now, is the right time for Korea from top to >bottom speak out

Don't hold your breath. What is happening now is real Sex Slavery, Real abduction. This Boko Haram organization should be hunted down by a coalition military operation.

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I hear that there are British S.A.S and S.B.S on standby in Nigeria at the moment so hopefully we do wipe these scum off the face of the earth.

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Burning Bush

Better late than never I suppose.

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