Bolivia leader says Obama 'lied' about cooperation


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Tariff free since 1991 on the expectation that drug production and transit would be curtailed. Never happened so Obama pulled the plug. Now why is he the bad guy?

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Who is trying to manipulate who?

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President Evo Morales

This Chavez lemming far left winger is a product of our former administration taking it's eye off of South America. This guy and his kind need to go bye bye.

The U.S. Trade Representative announced Tuesday that it was ending the import duty waivers because world’s No. 3 cocaine-producing country is not doing enough in the war on drugs, leaving “unconstrained” coca cultivation.

The motto of the Communist in Central and South America is, "No oil, well then produce Cocaine.". He is unwilling to take the drug trade seriously, then lose all rights.

Let Ecuador feel the pain that it is exporting around the world.

Communism is a plague that needs to be cut out.

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If I may be so bold as to amend that, Joe, this is less about Communism and a lot more about people like Chavez and Morales. Self-serving dictatorial a-holes are a plague that need to be cut out.

Refusing to prop up drug producers hardly constitutes interventionism. If anything, leaving the tariffs in place is a clear signal that the US considers Bolivia an equal; treating everyone equally, and all that.

By extending special consideration in the form of tariff waivers, Bolivia is receiving undue economic support that it otherwise would not have experienced in its business dealings with the US. And that special consideration, by any account, is intervention. So, when Morales complains of "intervention," his definitions are flexible? Can't have your cake and eat it, too, Morales. Besides, why aren't your flinging poo at your promise-welching buddy to the north, Hugo Chavez, for not fullfilling his pledge to spend $13 million in Bolivia?

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There are no junior or senior partners just as Obama said. But some countries are more equal than other countries.

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