Bolsonaro assails Brazilian network blaming him for virus deaths


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Bolsonaro is an irresponsible jerk just like Trump. He is negligent and has nothing beneficial to his nation or its people. he's a disgrace.

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Quite some commonalities between these leaders. Both entirely failed responses to the virus, both blaming anyone else.

The buck stops anywhere else.

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Astoundingly stupid and irresponsible individual. He has no regard for the environment, promotes conspiracy theories, blames the media for his failures, engages in racism and homophobia.

He has blood on his hands and hopefully the people will make him answer to his crimes.

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Once again the far right use the term 'media' to frame discussions. Once again an authoritarian continues grabbing even more power for himself and his fellow 'elite' while snaking off any responsibility for a problem he's dismissed because the people worst affected are not from his class. And to think there are 'westerners' pushing authoritarianism to replace democracies.

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And to think there are 'westerners' pushing authoritarianism to replace democracies.

All these cyclical lurches to the right are doomed to fail. I believe humanity can rise above it. The likes of Bolsonaro and those he inspires are, hopefully, a blip in mankinds progress to a world without conflicts and hatred.

Albeit, a blip that has resulted in so many deaths.

People don't forget such things. Which is why the arrogant and authoritatian regimes have such a finite shelf life. A blink in the passage of time.

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Wonder you would gain if the virus decimated the poor people and the pesky native people?

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