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Bomb blast kills 18 on Pakistan bus


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The bus was planted under the bus?? Bastards!!

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“The bomb was planted under the bus,”

The scum have struck again. and some say stop using drones on them.......................yeah right.

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I don't advocate violence but if these fools are willing to kill their own women and children like this in their own country, just imagine what they will do to us in Los Angeles? London? Or even here in Tokyo? So I'm with Export, I do hope a few drones find their way to these evil Satanic retarded backwards terrorists that are nothing more than low down cowards!!!

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Some pathetic, pathological SOS (Sack O' Sh-t) is probably gloating in his basement, typing up some piece of toilet paper saying that these people had been martyred for the delusion, (a.k.a. the cause,) of some rabid dog group who thinks nothing of p-ssing people off by p-ssing on their corpses and calling them martyrs instead of what they really actually are, mass murder victims.

Nothing changes because of this. Nothing happens because of this. Its just another senseless, stupid, counter-productive act of some people playing [insert name of deity here] and lying to themselves that they made a difference.

Same as it ever was. The rich get richer, the poor get blown to pieces and the world goes on around the sun.

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Well to be fair the people on he bus must have ordered drone strikes before or something. That's how terrorists are made, after all. The only kill for a good reason.

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"Well to be fair the people on he bus must have ordered drone strikes before or something"

Shouldn't someone be screaming about international condemnation or something?

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Shouldn't someone be screaming

Screaming? There's no anti-US angle.....articles like this won't even get a heartbeat let alone a good screamin'. Just some dead people somewhere.

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