Bombings, shooting kill 12 around Afghanistan


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Just send the 40,000 additional troops and try to end the Taliban's existence. I think "the fine tune strategy" that the President is conducting is actually disrespectful to his 4-star general. Is he doubting or troubleshooting his general's request? Someone, clue me in if I'm off track here.

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"Three U.S. troops were killed in southern Afghanistan on Sunday—two in a bombing and a third in a separate firefight—while another was killed in the east of the country in a bombing on Monday, NATO said in a statement.

The deaths bring the number of Americans killed in Afghanistan in November to 15. October was the deadliest month for U.S. troops in the eight-year war, with 59 dead."

Not to worry U.S. troops as President Barack Obama will make his decision on how much help you all should get sometime in the next few months.

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I am usually quick to condemn war of any kind. But Afghanistan poses a special threat.

If we fail in Afghanistan it will embolden Pakistani insurgents and put a nuclear armed nation at risk. The implications are considerable when you think about how India and other regional nations may react and the threat having nukes fall into Taliban hands would present. Pakistan is a recepie for WWIII if we are not careful.

If the Taliban win agaist Nato they will have a track record that sets their insurgency above all others. Without doubt, there would be long term and often violent blowback from failing in Afghanistan.

The people of Afghanistan just want to get on with life. But they have no choice but to support whoever has the gun pointing at them. If we can give the people of that country real security, they will ditch the Taliban on their own. But this patrol based conflict does not provide that security. Nato troops come and patrol, but when they leave the Taliban run the place. We need to run the place so that people can feel secure.
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I've been patiently waiting also for this new war plan. I understand that he's about to lay out his plans.

I'm waiting to hear them. < :-)

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In for a penny, in for a pound. I agree that it's no good sitting around daydreaming or waiting for something else to happen. It's all or nothing. But at the same time it should be emphasized every day if need be, that the foreign troops are there solely to help Afghanistan, and as soon as that help is not needed they will be mighty grateful to be allowed to go home.

If the Taliban would back off, then they can go home sooner and everyone will be happy. If the Taliban continue to take the armed line, then as in Northern Ireland, the armed forces cannot pull out, and they will be in for the long haul.

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OBL's goal of bankrupting the USA that he stated in a video released by Al Quaeda a few years ago is coming true thanks to the war launched by the idiot who last occupied the Oval Office and backed to the hilt by ranks of conservatives who threw their support behind the hunt for fairies and legendary WMD in Iraq while the conflict that really needed attention was in Afghanistan.

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