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Bombs kill at least 28 in Baghdad


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If the troops stay, the violence continues, and possibly gets worse.

If the troops leave, the violence continues, and possibly gets worse.

Draw your own conclusions from Bush Co's nightmare.

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I don't know if I agree. Right now the troops are cracking down on this type of crime. It's called feet on the street and there is no substitute. But it will never eliminate the violence completely as long as there are sicko perverts who think that blowing up a bus of schoolgirls is an appropriate thing to do.

Oh, wait. According to al Quaida, the Taliban and the Wahabi versions of Islam girls and women should be kept ignorant and at home. Sick, sick, sick!

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No need to panic folks. Violence is still wayyyyy down compared to last year same time period. Oh wait, didn't I just say that yesterday when close to a dozen were killed by bombing attacks? Oh well, still, no need to panic folks. Stay calm.

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I suppose 50 deaths a day in Iraq is acceptable to the Republicans

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yea its all about numbers. as long as more died last year, we're making progress.

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