Book details JFK affair with teen White House intern


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“The fact that I was being desired by the most famous and powerful man in America only amplified my feelings to the point where resistance was out of the question. That’s why I didn’t say no to the president,” she wrote.

Right. I am sure it had nothing to do with loving every minute of it. Why does she have to fish around for excuses to say no anyway? Is this true feminine sexuality, or a load of bullocks to create an air of chasteness for the sex negative crowd? Either way, I despise it. It makes it look like Kennedy abused his power or something

only to find that her past would cast a long shadow—and ultimately destroy her relationship with the man she married.”

How? Why? Because without a past, a woman's marriage is always like a sweet fairy tale? She can only guess at what her marriage would have been like without this experience. But as per so many women's stories, I am not surprised she chose the guess that contains the most melodrama. Its going to be a lot more fun to blame it on Kennedy, rather than to admit her husband was just a run-of-the-mill wife beater or something.

People will no doubt use this story to reinforce their modern ultra-feminist views that women are usually victims in sexual relationships and men are monsters. What a load of rubbish!

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Don't find JFK interesting at all.

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The National Organization for Women used to consider relationships between a powerful men like Kennedy and a young women something close to sexual assault or even rape - until Clinton did the same thing. I wonder how her relationship with Kennedy messed up her later marriage?

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Is anyone surprised by this? Before my time, not my country and I know he couldn't keep it in his pants.

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Both JFK and Clinton had incredible charisma and I think they were sexy, even if not in the usual Adam Lambert way sexy.....Obama is quite sexy too. But could you imagine anyone wanting to go to bed with George W Bush? Ugh!

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There might have been a male too. I'm more interested in that.

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I read the same thing nstn123

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What is Anthony Wiener's reaction ?

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Now that's how ya do it.

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and I know he couldn't keep it in his pants.

Condescening comments like this really need to vanish from the pages of time. Every single bit of footage I have seen of former President Kennedy showed him keeping it in his pants.

So the guy was sexual and wanted variety? Why is that imagined to be such a bad thing deserving of verbal barbs? Seems to me that men come in four main types: those who need violence to be happy, those who need power, those who need wealth and those who need sex. Of the four, I have always found the politicians who need sex to be most preferable. I think of Kennedy, Jefferson, Clinton and Franklin when I say that, all extremely popular who only lost popularity when their sex lives were found out. What gives? I say they were who they were for their sex lives! Change that, and you will see all you like about them disappear!

The only President I can think of who seemed to need none of the above was John Adams. And while I think he was great, the greatness of his presidency was discovered only after he served, during his presidency he was not at all popular. Not all men can be an Adams. They would explode under the strain. So tolerate a politician's varied sex life or have the greedy, the war mongers and the freedom stealers for leaders. I don't think its a hard choice.

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I wonder how her relationship with Kennedy messed up her later marriage?

I would say that fantasy was dreamed up in order to sell this book. Seems to be quite the common tactic with celebrity females writing books these days. There just has to be some romantic or sexual victimization or the book is just not complete.

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Bah people's sex lives shouldn't be of interest to others unless it involves kids, animals or dead people. Period.

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I disagree Basil, rich politicos that are obsessed with it end up like DSK. I want them with their mind on the job not ass.

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And? Yawn.

Someone needs to make money, I guess.

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"Both JFK and Clinton had incredible charisma and I think they were sexy, even if not in the usual Adam Lambert way sexy"...USUAL? They were charismatic Presidents but they would have been more sexy if they wore makeup ? LOL. No problem Mr President, P.M. Putin will wait while you finish putting on your eyelashes.

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