Boris Johnson's top aide accused of flouting lockdown rules


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Big deal. He's a top aide and great at his job.

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The bloke that made the Coronavirus rules for Johnson and said that he didn’t care if old people died drove 250 miles with an child, while ill with the virus, to visit his elderly and vulnerable parents. Others have been sent to prison or fined for less. Even more sickening is the sight of Cabinet ministers making excuses for this appalling and illegal behaviour. The UK Government is morally bankrupt. The fact Cummings won’t resign, or has nor ben sacked, shows the contempt he and his mates show for the British people.

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Big deal. He's a top aide and great at his job.

Sure. I mean there are many who'd argue with you about how "great" at his job this person is, but sure. Of course as a "top aide", Cummings doesn't have to abide by his own Government's guidelines. That's what born to rule means, right? One rule for them, one rule for everybody else?

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Big deal. He's a top aide and great at his job.

He’s part of the reason why we have the highest death toll in Europe.


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America has Stephen Miller. Britain has Dominic Cummings. And I'm not just talking about their shiny heads!

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Above the regulations he helps to put in place. Durham has a high rate of infections. Fine him for his abuse of authority.

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If you asked a three-year old to draw a “nasty man”, that’s what you’d get....

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Since when have politicians and bureaucrats not been hypocrites? They live their lives telling other people what to do while not practicing what they preach.

-7 ( +1 / -8 )

Since when have politicians and bureaucrats not been hypocrites?

What's your point here? That we should just lay down and accept it? They should be allowed to do it because some always have? We should allow it because it's just the way things are?

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Big deal. He's a top aide and great at his job.

If measured by results, no

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Can be found under arrogant self-important narcissist.

When challenged Cummings vomited “so what, not bothered, who cares about looks” ………

A charisma bypass at birth.

Believed/rumoured to be a competent strategist, if one can manage to remain in the room long enough without beating Cummings senseless with an article of furniture.

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The lockdown rules were clear, and he broke several of them with this journey. People were fined for less; meanwhile he is responding with dismissive arrogance.

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He said Johnson must explain why “it looks like there is one rule for those at the center of government and one rule for rest of the country.”

Because there are always exceptions to the rule...

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Reports today say he broke the lockdown a second time. Still Cabinet Ministers are falling over themselves to excuse him. Most of the UK aren’t accepting this bollocks.

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No BusinessMay 23  07:55 pm JST

Big deal. He's a top aide and great at his job.

So you would be okay with getting stopped by the police and fined for doing the same thing while he gets away with it and his Tory bosses stick up for him?

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Believed/rumoured to be a competent strategist

That's about the extent of it. Outside campaigning, he hasn't exactly set the world on fire in his other ventures - despite posting masses of pseudo-intellectual and pseudo-technical verbiage on his blog, and making no secret of his disdain for people who don't meet his standard of brilliance (measured in IQ scores, naturally).

From someone who makes a virtue of firing people ("I’ll have to spend time helping you so don’t apply unless you can commit to at least 2 years. I’ll bin you within weeks if you don’t fit — don’t complain later because I made it clear now"), it will be instructive to hear his special pleading about why restrictions urged on the general population were not intended to apply to him; and why he doesn't need to trouble himself with considering resignation.

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Students of history know that the more things change, the more they stay the same...

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An absolute disgrace and insult to all those who have worked so hard to prevent the spread of the virus.

Do as you're told, say the Tories. Except if you're one of us...

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Big deal. He's a top aide and great at his job.

It's a huge deal. At the very, very least, he should be sacked.

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Students of history know that the more things change, the more they stay the same...

They also know what happens in a revolution. Especially to leaders and lackeys who lord their arrogance over us mere serfs.

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Do what I say not what I do.

Perfect example of elitism.

Get gone already you unelected creepy weirdo. And lying Johnson too.

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The US is polarized between North (Democrats) and South (Republicans) and has always been so. The UK started this, and has their longer split between North (Labour) and South (Conservative) ... or you could take that further and say the Scots & the English...

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Hypocracy and stupidity knows no boundaries. It's OK for a 'top aide' for Bozo to break the lockdown and endanger others, and Dictator Donnie goes golfing this weekend -fiddling while America suffers.


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