Boris Johnson says COVID-19 has been a disaster for Britain


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It's been a disaster for a lot of countries.

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Boris Johnson has been a disaster for the UK. Highest numbers of Covid-19 deaths per 100,000 people, about 95. The highest in the world. His government have mismanaged the pandemic which has cost many lives.

Lack of PPE's for healthcare workers.

The death figure is at least 20,000 higher than the official one. Its all about how the counting is done.

New virus outbreaks in Leicester will keep the city in lockdown for another three weeks when it was suppose to end this weekend.

9 million claiming unemployment benefits.

The unelected Dominic Cummings is running the government policies and the public don't know his intentions. He's not answerable to the voters.

The cost of the pandemic to date is more than 300 billion pounds.

The world is in depression and the pandemic is no where near over.

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Agree with you 95%. Johnson and advisers such as Cummings should be facing criminal charges in my opinion.

The 5% I'm not sure of, though, is this:

The death figure is at least 20,000 higher than the official one. Its all about how the counting is done.

I thought the UK had started counting care home figures in the death toll back in April. So what's the story here? Do you have any links to anything about this?

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watched a BBC report on the death figures. A more accurate would be the death rate above the monthly figures for the same ones last year.

There were nearly 10000 more coronavirus deaths in England than previously reported by the end of May, new Office for National Statistics

The latest available data brings the UK's total death toll linked to Covid-19, including suspected cases, to 51,089. (June 9)

However, the true figure is thought to be higher owing to a lack of testing in care homes early on in the outbreak.

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Thanks for that, read the Standard article - and listened to Johnson too. So it's true - even worse than it looks.

What an unnecessary observation Johnson makes, that Covid-19 has been a disaster for Britain, and only to be expected that he refuses to take any blame for having helped to make it worse than it had to be.

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No money for the NHS though.

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Palpably false Johnson and the conservative party he leads have been a disaster for "great" Britain.

He's told so many porkies he's become a pork looking at his pic above...

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