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Boris Johnson wilfully misled parliament, says UK report dubbed 'rubbish' by ex-PM

By Elizabeth Piper and William James

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condemning the report as "rubbish", "a lie" and "a charade"

Boris has gone full Donald.

Never go full Donald.

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Boris has become a clown.

He always was.

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Boris has become a clown.

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By far the best take on the philandering, sociopathic bullying liar that is "Bojo".


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Less flowery than when he got caught lying another time and called it “an inverted pyramid of piffle”. What a character, eh?

Just go away.

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The sad saga is that while Johnson introduced covid restrictions meaning people could not be at the bedside of a dying loved one, attend a funeral or visit parents in care homes Johnson was ignoring those restrictions and having parties. Then he lied to parliament and the country and calls the investigation a kangaroo court.

His advisor Dominic Cummings ignore the restrictions and travelled north, twice.

The investigation into the covid will be released with more damning info.

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Any excuse to repost this:


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BOJO dubs the report “rubbish.”

He is the very definition of Rubbish.

Hopefully, with the him gone, Brexit can be re-evaluated and undone.

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itsonlyrocknrollToday  08:43 am JST

However one judges Johnsons character or lack of integrity, this enquiry cannot remotely be described as independent.

It is not even legitimate at a base level.

Regardless of political autonomy, every signal member of the privileges committee inquiry into Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP has a axe to grind with the fellow.

As he's such a polarising figure the alternative would be to stack the privileges committee with the likes of Nadine Dorres and Jacob Rees-Mogg. I don't think that would have produced an entirely satisfactory outcome either.

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How come only Conservatives get investigated?

The Leader of the Labour Party also got investigated

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I am not even a British subject and I find the fact that while people were not allowed to congregate for Christmas or even to morn their lost loved ones (I have an British acquaintance who's sister died and the entire nuclear family unit was not allowed to attend the funeral because it would be too many people) Borris the idiot hosted and attended what amounted to drunken puke-fests at 10 Downing to be infuriating.

I can only imagine the sense of betrayal and anger of UK citizens at the distain their government showed for both the rules and for them.

BOJO gets whatever is coming to him in spades and more.

As he has no shame, that is likely to be cold comfort to the citizens of the UK. Let's just hope that this is the end of him as a governing figure.

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On Monday parliament will vote on the report. Many Tory politicians could vote against it or abstain.

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Simon Foston,

House of Commons Committee of Privileges is the only body that oversees, to quote.

The Committee of Privileges is appointed to consider specific matters relating to privileges referred to it by the House. The scope of any inquiry comprises all matters relevant to the matter referred.

If Nadine Dorres or Jacob Rees-Mogg had any influence in the outcome I would have been whining and moaning a whitewash cover-up.

To defend Johnson is attempting to defend the indefensible.

House of Commons Committee of Privileges Matter referred on 21 April 2022 (conduct of Rt Hon Boris Johnson): Final Report Fifth Report of Session 2022–23 


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Parliament will engage in a free vote....

This action will highlight the divisions within the conservative party, eyes will be on the abstentions.

Politicians always put there careers before there consciences.

Deep down Rishi Sunak government without a mandate, even from its own constituency parties, its legitimacy, its handling of the economy, is politically running on empty.

Johnson got this shower into office only for them all to wee it up against the wall.

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Heh, "palpably false"

Adieu fatty. A political career like an incense stick, it burnt long, it stank and just about everyone is happy it's over...

The zombie Tory government has to turned Britain into a third world country.

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You really cannot make this up.....

Mail unveils Boris Johnson as our new columnist – and he'll be required reading in Westminster and across the world!


Now Johnson will have a platform outside the tent spitting in.

MailOnline is the single biggest newspaper brand in the UK.

Rishi Sunak spokesperson contends the PM hasn't had the time to read the report.

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However one judges Johnsons character or lack of integrity, this enquiry cannot remotely be described as independent.

It is not even legitimate at a base level.

Regardless of political autonomy, every signal member of the privileges committee inquiry into Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP has a axe to grind with the fellow.

Now it transpires Bernard Jenkin is alleged to have attended birthday drinks during Covid restrictions.

The same Bernard Jenkins who swung the vote, loathes and despises Johnson to the very core of his being.

The inquiry is open to accusations of bias, undermining the meaning of being able to appreciate the distinction between what is honest or dishonest.

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

I believe Johnson to be a dishonest charlatan.

Even dishonest charlatans deserve a open a fair hearing, this enquiry was prejudiced from the outset.

These accusations should have been subject to a independent inquiry.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

Let be honest Boris Johnson is guilty of being Boris Johnson.

One could rightly suggest Johnson is guilty of something, anything, and his fate was always determined by his untrustworthy, deceitful insincerity in office.

The trouble here is Johnson should have been judged by his deeds in front of a jury made up of his peers without fear or forethought.

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Jail him and free Assange - two egregious cases of injustice staining what's left of the Tory government's tattered integrity.

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Easy to blame Boris for the actions of the many out there also complicit especially the police and UK academics forecasting millions dead!

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