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Boston suspects planned Times Square attack: NY mayor


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I understand a Mother's denial that her sons did this. But after a point you just have to accept the obvious reality.

What I dislike is that there are a lot of very flat headed folks out there who have decided that this is some kind of conspiracy to frame two random guys for this. In the face of all the evidence and the behavior of these two guys, that thinking just does not hold water.

It just goes to show that if it is on the internet it must be true to a lot of very gullible folks.

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He's writing....

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I think I am on pretty safe ground to declare that there sure isn't going to be any "Mother of the Year" awards for Zubeidat Tsarnaeva in the future.

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Boston suspects planned Times Square attack: NY mayor

Yeah, they were going to set up a stand in Times Square, and sell XXL size sodas.

The new revelations emerged after the mother of the two men, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, accused U.S. authorities of needlessly killing her son.

What a pig this woman is.

Tamerlan was “killed, cruelly killed. I want to scream to the whole world, what did you do? He was alive!” Tsarnaeva, dressed in an Islamic headscarf, said in Makhachkala, the main city in the Russian region of Dagestan. “He was alive! Why did they need to kill him? Why?

Why did he need to kill and main all those people?

They got him alive,” she said, reaffirming her belief that her sons were innocent of the Boston bombings. “I know one thing, that my children did not do this.”

Yeah, of course they didn't do it. I'm sure they always spend their free time car-jacking people, shooting police officers, and filling cars with improvised explosive devices and weapons.

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I think their Uncle Ruslan had it right here when he stated that they were just "losers" first and foremost. I'm not discounting at all that radical Islam and being muslim was not a huge factor but I think we might have to consider the high probability that these two just didn't kill innocents soley just because they were motivated by Islam alone. I think we have to consider one reason that this happened is that they are just run of the mill "loser" sociopaths as their Uncle stated. Sick individuals who just wanted to kill just for the thrill of it and then bask in the power to hold an entire city at their mercy. Islam's role here may have been more of a way for them to satisfy what little conscious they actually had to be able to lie to themselves that this was a justified act in a sick twisted sociopathic murder fantasy.

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As most of the news sources have pointed out New York was just an idea they played with inside the getaway car. Just a 'good' idea to use up the remaining bits n bobs. No way they planned it as per the article title.

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It was stated that Boston's bombing was just a tip of iceberg for radical Islamist and jihadists. Following targets are Times Square, Niagara Falls...and where are next? To believe these scum bags acting alone is like believing no earth quakes occurred in Japan, or America has no deficit problem. These two were ready to collect their awaiting virgins as was told by someone. They were bigger than themselves as they assumed. This family used to be on welfare, and the mother will be arrested on U.S soil for skipping the court hearing on her crime of shop lifting. The bigger picture in high definition will pop up in due time, except the spinners who fake the reality of this grave problem.

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One of the interesting aspects of this whole terrible thing that has surfaced is the influence of the mysterious Misha character on the elder brother. Family members and a few others have met him, but he has no last name apparently. As purportedly Armenian native, no one in the Watertown Armenian community seems to know him, though he would visibly stand out, being heavy-set, bald, and with a distinguishable red beard. And he has reportedly relocated to somewhere else in the US. I'm sorry, but this missing link seems rather significant. When did he disappear? If his influence was so powerful, why isn't there a manhunt going on?

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It's beyond me why the media are giving this woman airtime to voice what are nothing more than conspiracy theories. There is no sane reason to think otherwise.

The only winners from this unspeakable act are in fact the media themselves, who continue to milk it daily. Time to vive it a rest IMO.

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These two weren't obviously the best and the brightest. You're being manhunted and you think you'll just be ignored going into NY when your mugs are plasteedr across the nation? Failed suicide attempt eh... glad one of them failed at that.

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Bloomburg rides again! Seriously, why would anyone want to elect this dude to any position. In the long line currently forming up to trash the Constitution and Bill of Rights, he has to second or third from the front.

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Niagra Falls? Is that a terrorist target? Plus this guy is sedated to the gills - I would be sceptical of this until we see him alive and talking on screen.

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Sounds like a one sided story to me. All information should be scrutinized carefully. Every five seconds there seems to be more and more about these two coming out from the authorities and everyone just believes everything they say. Can`t trust anyone.


They are still suspects as far as I know. What is the reality and what evidence are you talking about? There are still questions to be asked. Not saying they didn`t do it but there are a lot of dodgy explanations it seems.

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He has been charged with using a weapon of mass destruction and could face the death penalty if convicted in US federal court.

Usually, I am against the death penalty, but in this situation, I would like to personally push the button.

She expressed regret that the family ever moved to the United States.

Why? Because the police were too smart and in a matter of days overwhelmed these two jokers and showed them that Boston was the worst city in America to mess with and the people weren't going to take it?

She tearfully expressed regret over the family’s move to the United States in 2002, waving her hands and banging the table with emotion.

I think it's regrettable that we actually allowed trash like that to come into our country.

“Why did I ever go there? Why? I thought that America will protect us and our kids, it will be safe,” she said. “But America took my kids away from me. Why would I not regret?”

America didn't take anything from them, actually, America gave them a home, freedom and the chance to prosper and make something of themselves, but this woman chose to shoplift and her murdering kids, one with a chip on his shoulder, was too stupid to say, NO to a radical Islamist trying to convert him and he chose to kill and maimed innocent people or did she think in America, she could go around and think just because they received legal status that it gave them a green light to do whatever they wanted. What cop is going to protect that? Quite the opposite, the cops should immediately arrest you and turn you over to immigration and give you a one way ticket back to Dagestan.

This family is complete trash.

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bass4funk Usually, I am against the death penalty, but in this situation, I would like to personally push the button.

Sorry I can't understand your ideas - US and EU - ALWAYS supported Chechen "freedom fighters" "rebels" against Moscow

And now you want to kill one of them...

What's a difference ?

Blast in Boston and not in Moscow ?

This is a difference ?

I think it's regrettable that we actually allowed trash like that to come into our country.

You don't like Chechen people ?

Tell me why ?

This family is complete trash.

Anglo-saxon point of view ?

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i was under the impression the 'suspect' was incapable of talking as his windpipe was rendered useless during arrest. The FBI could of said he said anything, does it really matter. I trust the FBI about as much as I trust a ferral dog.

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