Johnson urges Britons to lose weight


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The obesity issue is certainly something that Western societies have to address. Johnson may be one overweight silver spooner trying to do something about his own problem, but the real problem lies with lower socio-economic groups and addictions to fast food. Covid-19 is only the latest example of how vulnerable you make yourself to health problems if you don't watch what you eat.

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It’s the poor who are the most obese.

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she believed he was being modest

cognitive dissonance much?

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Do you really want to be lectured about obesity, health care, from Prime Minister Boris Johnson?

I have 124,000 reasons why many would find that frankly offensive.

I know, a tad harsh under the circumstances.

There are search parties out for the government opposition.

Please check behind hedges and peak in garden sheds.

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Do you really want to be lectured about obesity, health care, from Prime Minister Boris Johnson?

It is a bit strange coming from a lardarse like him, but he does have medical opinion on his side here.

Can we please discourage newspapers like the Guardian celebrating obese models in the same way we should discourage celebrating anorexic ones? Treat it like images of smoking.

And no, I’m not saying everyone should be the same build. Just lose the rolls of fat. It can kill you and put strain on our health service.

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Boris is overweight but does exercise daily. I'm overweight but now hitting the local gym for an hour a day and walking 3k. 

In the west, they say "An apple a day keeps the doctor away".

In Japan, they say "Hara Hachi Bu keeps the doctor away. 

I use an app, Fatsecret, to record everything I eat and keep the intake below my requirements.

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Bozo was happy to be a big fat slob until he got the wake-up call.

I'm no fan, but credit where credit is due, his eyes have been opened and he seems serious about getting in shape.

I know from experience, it's not easy.

And it's not like he has nothing else to think about all day bar counting calories and hitting the gym.

One word of advice, though Boris; don't 'avoid chocolate and cheese' if they're as important to you as they are to me. You will eventually fall off the wagon and binge. Incorporate your favourite foods into your diet, in reasonable amounts. That way you're more likely to stay on the straight and narrow. And rather than eating less carbs, substitute whole-food carbs; brown rice, bread and pasta instead of white, and leave the skins on your fruit and veggies. That will give you more fibre, which will leave you feeling fuller longer, avoid blood-sugar spikes and keep you regular.

Good luck, Boris - you and 700,000 Brits, and zichi, and me.

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Bozo needs to take his own advice and shut up.

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Bozo needs to take his own advice

He is taking his own advice.

since then he has started a new exercise regime and no late-night cheese diet.

I actually have lost some weight

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My judgment is clouded, I cannot abide the fellow.

Every policy spews out of a focus group.

Contrived manufacture pretense.

A ghastly political creature of habit.

He/Johnson handled the vaccination program well, but didn't stop to stick/jam both fingers up the Brussels/EU nostrils'.

I am not a fan of Unions, Johnson makes political hay whilst the sun shines.

Well, there is a economic storm on the horizon, bubbling/brewing,

Chancellor Rishi Sunak budget is a fanciful poke and hope at best. How many fiscal band aids?

Budget Speech 2021

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By normal standards, 90% of Britons are overweight

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Does anyone seriously believe their dietary habits should be at the whim of some politician?

Fat, thin, wide, Arbuckle, roly-poly, you don't require a politician to spout the flipping obvious.

That deep breath to do up that button.

The days when you feel that last button is a tourniquet around your waist!

You know full well, the temptation, the need to do what indolence dictates one more serious ramen.

In my case alcohol. Cocktails.

What makes your consumption habits acceptable has always been a sure fire method to shorten ones life expectancy.

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the pandemic has exposed leftist “fat acceptance” or “body positivity” for the toxic lie that it is.

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the pandemic has exposed leftist “fat acceptance” or “body positivity” for the toxic lie that it is.

Damn people being all compassionate. Why can't they be cold and evil like the right?!

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