BP accused of withholding critical spill data


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BP is trying to close the whole thing now and move on. There has been a 22 mile oil plume that has just been found. Jindal has vetoed a bill that would require the state to hang onto all BP related information. They have hired most of the college professors who have intimate knowledge of oil well drilling and facts about what has happened and they are threatening their employees to keep their mouths shut.

Sound just like republicans in action to me. < :-)

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It is no surprise. BP has a history of behaving this way.

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BP took the full blame for this oil spill while it was going on, but anybody with half a brain knew that the day would come when BP would take action against the companies that were really responsible for the rigs failure. Now Transocean one the two main companies that brought about this rig failure are trying yet an other public relations con job on the American sheeple. Why should BP provide Transocean with information that is very likely going to be used by BP to take action against Transocean?

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BP is hiding information because it's going to be used against them in establishing the fines to assess against them by the Feds.

Sure BP is protecting themselves, but if we can't get the information that's needed, then maybe the Feds need to be more involved, more into the numbers and every pipe length that they lay? < :-)

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the gov says 80% of the oil is cleaned up . the scientists say 80% is still in the water .

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Transocean said that the limited information it has retrieved from BP came only after the company reluctantly signed a confidentiality agreement. that will explain the "withholding critical spill data" headline then. Transocean are already trying to do damage limitation - you can bet some very interesting infomation will be coming out from BP's lawyers about Transocean's role in this.

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Don't worry, the market will correct itself.


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