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BP deploys deepsea sensors to better measure spill


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Wow, what a great idea! And to think they could have done this ages ago! Instead, BP relied on their trusty 'CEO' as a monitor of how much has spilled.

Scientists: Millions of gallons per day are spewing out.

CEO: Ummm... Nope.

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We see a lot about how much money the State vultures are demanding from BP but we never see anything about Cameron International the company that made the blow out preventer that didn’t prevent anything. Nor are we hearing anything about GWBush’s friends Halliburton who did the cement work on the sea floor or Transocean who are the people who were actually operating the rig at the time of the accident. BP own the rights to the oil and leased it to Transocean. Of the three companies 3 are American and one used to be British but is now global. And maybe because BP is both global with more money and not American this may account for why the vultures are looking to rip it apart. How much can we expect the others to pay? When can we expect the American media to present a balanced story? Oh, sorry, I forgot, the American press don’t do balance do they?

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I find amusing now how British people are complaining about the US asking BP to pay for the damage.

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Tumbledry - the British people arent complaining about BP having to pay for the damage. Theyre complaining about the US political class' vilification of the company. That vilification has harmed millions of UK and US citizens pensions, caused tens of thousands of layoffs globally but especially in the US and distances a very supportive ally. Does that amuse you too?

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"I find amusing now how British people are complaining about the US asking BP to pay for the damage"

Don't believe eveything you read in the British gutter press.

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Will knowing exactly how much oil is being spilled help them to better stop the leak or is it just to determine how much money they're losing?

I would really like to know the motivation for these new sensors.


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<I would really like to know the motivation for these new sensors. Taka>

Vulture states need to determine how just how big their greed will be. The more oil the more money, no matter the actual level of clean up.

For those that seem to think that the British are complaining about BP having to pay compensation, no, you are wrong. The Brits are complaining that the Americans are hiding from both sharing the responsibility and paying their share of the compensation. And your newish leader for lack of a better description is working very hard to keep the heat off the American companies while demanding unequal arrangements to protect only Americans in the Gulf. This oil well might not have been very tight but wait until you see what all future contracts with American companies look like. All the expresident’s men got to keep their money this time but I cannot help but wonder who is ever going to do business with the Americans that currently hiding to avoid their guilt? I also note that no Americans have tried to defend their own. Perhaps it’s not possible.

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June 14 2010 USA Today/Gallup survey (+/-4%):

71% of the public says Obama hasn't been tough enough in dealing with BP

20% saying the president's response has been about right

3% saying he's been too tough

6% unsure

Bad news for BP.

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