Brawl over mask leaves security guard at LA store with broken arm

By Frederic J. BROWN

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Trump should wear a mask and tell the American people to all wear masks. Then he should create a federal mandate to make it mandatory for these morons to put on a mask.

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The scuffle, which took place in May and was caught on video, is the latest in a string of similar incidents in the United States over the wearing of masks which has become a political issue.

Took place in May, but its the latest? why is this in the news today if it happened in May and it is the most recent?

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I support wearing masks but think it should not be illegal to not wear one. There will be outliers, but it is inappropriate to make untrained and low paid front line retail workers and security guards enforce this law. I suggest you verbally point out the policy to customers.

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Wearing a mask is a hygiene issue not a political one. Trump has said people should wear masks.

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Issue citations and fines, with short custodial sentences for repeat offenders.

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It isn't just this one, there are many fights going on at U.S. stores over wearing masks. Shop employees have even said they are more worried about customers than the virus itself.

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Is it now illegal not to wear a mask in LA in general or in some instances only? I think in this article the brothers were accosted because they entered a business establishment without wearing masks

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"Not wearing a mask is selfish, wrong and illegal

The uneducated will understand this only if there is adequate punishment.

Hope these 2 idiots spend a long time in prison!!!

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United States of Unmasked Morons...

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The scuffle, which took place in May and was caught on video, 

Yup, but it fits the Narrative, so it’s being put out on The Wire now.

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I came out of the store near my house yesterday in East Tokyo.

I was wearing a mask out of respect for the staff more than anything,when suddenly a Phillip Seymour-Hoffman lookalike bellowed out pppfffffttttt to me!

I was at a total loss,first for actually seeing a Westerner around these parts and secondly for being admonished by the Westerner for wearing a mask.

Man,I now get why there is an issue in the US regarding wearing masks......however,simple logic says that if I wear one I protect you and if you wear one you protect me.

It isn't about personal rights it is about common sense.

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why is this in the news today 

The issue of not wearing masks which led to violence and because of it, criminal charges, is the main subject of this article.

The date of when it happened is for time reference, as is the idea that not wearing masks is rapidly becoming illegal in many areas due to even the mask and scientific proof reluctant president acknowledging they should be worn.

This has nothing to do with the credibility of the news or any other nonsense people are bringing up contesting the information of the time of the incident. Comprehesion allows one to understand the reasoning behind the information.

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It is important to remember that the security guards are going to be given favorable status in this situation despite the fact we don't have all the details. An important phrase in the article is "As they were being escorted out". That strikes me as odd. It sounds like they submitted to being told to leave or perhaps even escorted, but along the way something happened. So what happened? Did the brothers suddenly have a change of heart and got violent? Or did the security guards start jostling and manhandling them playing "big man" as the brothers were being escorted out? I can tell you that if told to leave I will, but you better not start grabbing me as I go. You can lead me or follow me but your paws better stay off me.

One of the most important lessons I have learned in life is do NOT immediately believe the "authorities". They hold all the cards and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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I watched the video and it looks to me like that sneaky guard looked down and either poked or pulled that guy's pack or butt. Its very hard to see. That guard knows the angles of the security cameras very well. But if you look closely you see him look down, his shoulder shifts and then the customer turns around and confronts him. Exactly the type of shenanigans I have learned to expect from police and their wannabe counterparts, security guards. Add to that the fact the police are calling them "transients" now, knowing full well people's animal pecking order feeling of superiority will kick in.

And whether you can see and agree that the guard poked or pulled at him, its clearly visible the guards were tailing those guys waaaaayyy too closely just for not wearing mask. No need to be so intimidating. The guys were leaving and that is also very clearly visible.

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