Brazil Senate votes to hold Rousseff impeachment trial


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Make sure they follow the money. Typical left wing elitists, creaming the pot and wearing Prada will the people live in slums. Closet capitalists all of them. Hopefully that witch from Argentina will see the inside of a gaol cell soon too. Maybe even Borat in Venezuela.

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Their politics is more interesting than some of the sport being conducted in their country at the present time! If only Rio had remained the capital city.

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Typical left wing elitists,

You sound like a Republican here. What gives?

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Are you suggesting they aren't typical left wing elitists?

As you know there's a big difference between the US left and the European left. And especially the south American left.

These bozos are corrupt to the core, siphoning of public funds to their own swollen accounts and offering sweetheart deals to their cronies as the people live in equal doses of poop. Real, violent, miserable poop.

Say it 'aint so.... :)

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Ah, another U.S.-backed coup of a democratically-elected world leader proceeds on schedule. Meet the new pristine leaders to replace Rousseff:

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Truth be told, I don't know that much about European current affairs.

I do recall supporting the SDP when I lived in Germany.

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Our centre right are like your Democrats. In other words they're sane :)

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I think the SDP is center left. Isn't that, correct?

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