Breivik rails at psychiatrists for calling him insane


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The guy is a fruitcake!! The more he talks the more delusional he sounds to normal people.The problem is how he sounds to non normal people who are looking for a bit of attention.

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Given his testimony he certainly sounds like he was in control of his actions, which would exempt him from the insanity 'defense'. I really hope I'm wrong though. A life in an asylum would at least humiliate him, the consequence of being guilty of murder would give him a sense of vindicaiton that should be denied at all costs.

I wish they couild send him to a U.S supermax. No contact, little light, force feeding, and not even the means to take your own life. I hear ADX is lovely this time of year.

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One of the reasons the psychiatrists are having a tough time is that ABB is backing up his deeds with a lot of ideological rhetorics, while at the same time proving to be severely misinformed and lacking in factual knowledge. This would make him seem evil, but sane...along the same lines as Hitler or Stalin. However, his paranoid delusions about government plots to have him executed without a trial and mad lynch mobs dragging him out in the streets of Oslo for a public hanging tips the scales the other way. If you ask me, no sane person would be able to think and do things the way he does, but then history proves me wrong.

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