Britain's Prince Harry: 'I will not be bullied into playing a game that killed my mum'

By Kylie MacLellan

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Harry's turned into quite a primadonna.

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Harry's turned into quite a primadonna.

Primadonna? I guess if the definition of a primadonna is a guy who saw his mother hounded to death by the gutter press when he was a kid, and is now afraid of the same thing happening to his wife and is prepared to stand up and do something about it, then Harry is a primadonna.

For those of us that don't support the UK tabloids in their relentless pursuit of the "public interest" though, it's about time someone in the public eye had the guts to give worthless publications like The Sun and the Mail a kick up the ass.

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@Big Yen,

Its hardly as simple as that. Diana actively courted the press and attention. even going so far as calling them herself to alert them as to her movements when she thought they may be unaware - often this would happen in the middle of the night.

Dont buy into the myths perpetuated about Diana.

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All this is probably encouraged by Meghan. But this isnt a movie.

Hollywooding will damage the monarchy.

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Dont buy into the myths perpetuated about Diana.

Actually I never was a fan of Diana or her schtick. I thought she manipulated the Press too, particularly when it came to her relationship with Charles. I don't think that gives the media open season on her though. I remember seeing one piece of footage where they cornered her behind a car like a hunted deer blinking in the headlights. The blame for her death in the tunnel in Paris, along with Dodi Fayed, in mine and a lot of other people's opinion should be laid mainly at the feet of the pursuing media. And for me the main thing is that the media doesn't seem to have learned from the mistakes they made with her.

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Indeed, Diana did use and manipulate the media.

And anonymity wouldnt have been difficult much of the time.

Tinted car windows or curtains, less ostentation, other simple techniques and devices . If you put your mind to it for a few minutes lots of solutions come - either Diana never did or she (most likely) enjoyed the attention and celebrity.

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Yeah, I think she was torn. She fed the beast but she wasn't smart enough to realize that one day the beast might turn around and bite her.

Whatever, you can't blame Harry for resenting the media's role in his mother's death or for trying to protect his wife.

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The press and tabloids should be forbidden, by weight of criminal law, to print the details of anyone's private life without their permission. This problem is so very simple to solve. People's private lives are not in legitimate public interest at all....its just gossiping trash and is near the top of my list of what is REALLY immoral.

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