Britain's Labour pitches itself against tax cuts for wealthy

By Andrew MacAskill and Alistair Smout

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The Tories have certainly shown their true colors - they're in it for themselves and others alike, and not for the People of the UK.

The Labor party, have a bad reputation of Far Leftist influence, their choice of color even, being inline with the Moscow Commies, doesn't help them these days.

The Liberals, need a Kier Starmer, and should broaden their fence-like stance to look like real policies that they alone could make work.

If I had the vote, I'd probably vote the Monster Raving Looney party - at least they'd be inline with the way things work in the UK these days.

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Bizarre comments.

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The British Labour Party was born out of the left wing and trade unions. But it’s not that any longer.

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I think the Winston Graham novel, Poldark - is quite relevant these days, and that appears to be backed up by various publications... the BBC TV Series is really worth watching:

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The British Labor party still does have it's extreme leftish views - but then that's their prerogative. I think the Liberals need a strong leadership to be somewhere in the middle, but someone realistic... Winston Churchill was a Liberal between 1904-1924 :

If they find a "strong leader", they will receive the vote to take Office.

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The British Labor party


Didn’t you say you were a Brit?

The British Labor party still does have it's extreme leftish views

Which members? What extreme ‘leftish’ views?

The hard left of the Labour Party aren’t happy with the direction Starmer has taken them in.

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