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Britain braces for winter of strike action as nurses walk out

By Sarah Young

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Good on the strikers. The common people are sick to the back teeth of massive profit taking my the bosses. Nothing ever trickles down to the people at the coal face.

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At least the Brit workers are standing up to the bosses.

Would love the Japanese workers to do it one day.

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And yet the poor oppressed masses keep voting in the people cutting the services they need to survive in their often pathetic miserable lives.

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General strike in everything but name.

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Britain is broken.

I can't see it improving in the short term.

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Now is the winter of our discontent

Made glorious summer by this sun of York;

It's going to be a horrible winter here in the UK

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The nurses and other sectors of the UK's workforce, "essential workers" once clapped in the days of Covid, but now cursed by the greedy, scheming members of the Tory government and their backers, are determined to prove Thatcher wrong: there IS such a thing as "society". Covid and now the pitter-patter fallout from Brexit are uniting people throughout Britain to strive for a more equitable society they were promised, but always denied by the sinister rightwing forces still in control of the country.

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If I get sick, I hope I'm in Japan and not in the UK. The NHS is now a pitiful service, just getting an appointment to see a doctor often requires hours on the phone, then the waiting lists, Hospital cancelled appointments, ambulances queued up outside A&E for hours.

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The U.K is an embarrassment and a third world country.

I won't stay here much longer and will retire to Asia.

The unions don't help either and just have their own selfish means. Nurses, Doctors and the Police should be handed respectable salaries as a given.

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labour have proposed top to bottom changes, and a through review of the NHS structure, that would require acceptance of across the board commitments to patient care.

Streeting said: “I was just responding in that interview with the Telegraph to criticism they levelled at me.

“Despite the fact that I announced the biggest expansion of NHS staff in history, because I had the temerity to say that we should also expect better service for patients in exchange for that investment, because I think that it’s unacceptable that people have to wait on the phone at 8 o’clock in the morning to get through to a GP, I have been treated like some kind of heretic by the BMA.

“I do understand the pressure that doctors are under – they do a very difficult job against a very difficult backdrop – but what I’m saying is, if we’re putting investment into the NHS, as the next Labour government will, we have got to expect better results for patients, and ultimately, it’s my job to be the patients’ champion.”

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And yet the poor oppressed masses keep voting in the people cutting the services they need to survive in their often pathetic miserable lives.

Blame the press for distracting people with irrelevant issues like asylum seekers.

Blame Brexit for making British poltics increasingly toxic.

A certain degree of blame also rests with older people, esp. homeowning ones, who fundamentally don't care whether young people have to pay half their salary in rent, whether they lose their opportunity to study or work overseas due to Brexit, whether they pay ever more money in university fees, whether they work in jobs with below inflation pay rises and big (20%) National Insurance rises while pensions are ringfenced, ....

(I am 54 and closer to being old than young)

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It's not all about picking sides. A lot of people hate the government and the unions.

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UK braces for winter of strike action as nurses walk out:

Strike after strike, never seems to end.

UK is crippled by the biggest wave of industrial action in decades.

Already nation's NHS has long been in chaos, how much worse can it be with nurses' strike.

Pitiable. Where lies the future of UK..?

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The last General Strike in the UK was in 1926.

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Ambulance workers have accepted a pay deal.

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“Whenever I point out the appalling state of access to primary care, where currently a record 2 million people are waiting more than a month to see a GP, I am treated like some sort of heretic by the BMA – who seem to think any criticism of patient access to primary care is somehow an attack on GPs.”

Wes Streeting, Labour shadow health secretary.

No Government, left or right can negotiate with politically motivated/charged threats, and totally unreasonable demands that put the risk of people and families healthcare.

The BMA and the RCN have refused to accept the pay review recommendation of there independent review bodies.

Instead proceeded to ballot for strikes, that will hold the tax payer to ransom.

The NHS has proven to be unfit for purpose in its current form for decades. It structure, management, the outdated and top heavy costs of its internal market, the shameful waste, and incompetence a national disgrace.

It is without doubt correct not to attempt to reason with the BMA and the RCN, Both have a political agenda.

Wes Streeting claims BMA ‘hostile’ towards Labour’s NHS plans


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No worries FFS…. Just get out of your dungeon there and go take care of them .!. In a way though , I pity them too .!.

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I think what we are seeing in the UK is a slow transformation back to socialism. But unfortunately, like Japan, the opposition parties are not coming up with any viable alternative policies. The main opposition party really needs to up it's game with policies which are not wishy washy.

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Send these nurses to Ukraine. The government is sending buckets of tax money there, why not throw in a few nurses?

-3 ( +5 / -8 )

It most miserable time of the year,if you living in Europe,with tale of fuel shortages

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

I worry a lot about my poor old mum and dad, both getting on a bit now. Country has gone to the dogs, a crying shame.

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

Even Scrooge,would renounce his citizenship,Bar Humbug

-4 ( +0 / -4 )

Perhaps they should again follow the lead of the US gov and impose the deal on the workers they voted to reject. Just call it "freedom" and move on.

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Britain just like Japan is a small Island. People need to get out and live on proper land.

Most are British Citizenship and they can apply for another country to settle life.

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