Britain may offer 'path to citizenship' for nearly 3 million in Hong Kong


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Good on the UK.

Hopefully, Canada, NZ, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and the US will follow, though the UK definitely should lead.

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Should have done this when Hing Kong was handed over to China.

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Can’t wait to see the look on the UKIP bigots’ faces when Mrs Chan, the thrice-divorced cleaning lady, moves in next door with her aging parents and four kids. All newly-minted Brits!

And it’s “Home Office,” not “ Interior Ministry.”

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Singapore don't need rioters, if those Hongkees think they can do the same trick in Singapore, they must be dreaming, Singapore do have a much stricter law.

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Singapore don't need rioters, if those Hongkees think they can do the same trick in Singapore, they must be dreaming, Singapore do have a much stricter law.

You needn't worry. Any Hong Konger wanting to escape oppression and move to a free society to raise their children in is not going to move to Singapore. They're well aware that in Singapore, they wouldn't have the freedom of speech that they grew up with in Hong Kong, and which even today is far ahead of what Singapore has managed in the half century it's been in thrall to the Lee family.

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Good, England needs it's own Vancouver. And China throw off the burden. Win win

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This could be a way of enforcing the 40-year agreement from 1997. While many Hong Kongers would he able to move to the UK, not all 3.5 million could. However, if they all have British citizenship, and if China continues to ignore their commitment to the agreement, the UK would be able to step in, in Hong Kong, on the behalf of their citizens.

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Considering the racism experienced by the Chinese/Asians in the UK and across the world being blamed for the Covid-19 many HK Chinese would think twice about moving there. Unless it was the best of two evils.

A number of Chinese had British citizenship before the handover.

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Sadly it's too little too late.

300K - I wonder where they got that figure from ? Perhaps dissidents - maybe the CCP will latch onto that and say "We told you so! Foreign state interference".

Clearly, any HK Citizens facing arrest, will from next month will be arrested on the spot at the HK Airport should they be attempting to leave - that simply just makes it easier for the CCP Government to get them. And it's highly unlikely that the UK Government will send in Military planes to rescue those said Citizens.

So in my sad opinion, HK totally scr3w3d. It's been a pawn in Political plays which the History books will look back upon as being such.

I also, agree with zichi here, that in the UK, the people aren't really smart enough to distinguish HK from Mainland Chinese, nor even as a matter of fact, towards any other F.E. Asian looking person. Racism is rife there, thankfully however, without Guns and a redneck Police-force - so given the choice of the two - the UK would be better - though it would be best (in the long run) not to go simply go to another China-town area.

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