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Britain records 5,274 new COVID cases; highest daily figure since March


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I hope this isn't the start of the next wave. These variants are why it is in the best interests of all countries to get this pandemic sorted out as quick as possible, and not wait until some unwanted event has finished.

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Oh dear, more vaccines needed, the end is in sight, just 3 more weeks, we'll all be in Berlin by Christmas!

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Wonder how many if any of those who were infected/died have been vaccinated?

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Not so many cases. I wonder how many tests were performed.

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Sad to hear, Britain's COVID case load had been quite the success story since the beginning of the vaccine rollout. Hopefully this is not the start of a bad trend.

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Not so many cases. I wonder how many tests were performed.

It was the day before but just to give an idea : 854,697 tests performed

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Don't worry people the Olympics will go ahead even if the world is in lockdown. courtesy of the IOC.

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And now looming on the horizon is the so-called Nepal variant.

I'm starting to think we'll never be rid of Covid - every five minutes another variant raises its ugly head.

Here in Scotland our National Clinical Director has told us that we're at the start of a third wave, thanks to the Indian Variant. It's like a never ending conveyor belt of virus mutations :(

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The UK is opening up, so infection numbers will rise. A lot of testing going on. Allowing leisure travel is a big problem, so many Chelsea and Man City Fans came back from the Champions League final in Portugal and afterwards tested positive. Now Portugal is on the Amber travel list, never should have been in the Green list in the first place. This is what happens when political concerns take precedence over the science.

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I saw this in a different thread. Thought it would be in everyone's interests to share the following.

In the UK, Over 70% of people over 18 have at least the first vaccine dose and about 40% have both. In England, 46% of the people have had both doses.

London is less vaccinated. 50% of adults with at least the first dose/29% of adults with both doses.

Ref: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-55274833

If the chunk of the new cases are based in London, then it would explain a lot. Still, it remains disappointing that London are so far behind the vaccine rollout curve compared to the rest of Britain and that it could be the reason we see such numbers.

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@Danny Nguyen. Most of the new cases are in the north of England.

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klausdorthJune 4  03:05 pm JST

There you go, Pukey2!

It's "high time" to cancel those darned games and start doing what has to be done.

Now it's 4 mutants, how many more are there to come?

Next one the "Tokyo Olympic mutant"? Which letter are we going to assign to that one?

How about this one: Σ = sigma, still sounds better than stigma, right!?

And with summer practically here, are the Brits going to be as reckless and acting stupid like last summer? It ain't over until it's over. We have a planet of 8 billion people to vaccinate.

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