England delays full lifting of virus restrictions by 4 weeks


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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday announced a four-week delay to the full lifting of coronavirus restrictions in England due to a surge in infections caused by the Delta variant.

A headache, sore throat and runny nose are now the most frequently reported symptoms associated with the Delta variant in the UK, researchers have said.

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At last a no brainer decision taken by the scatter-brained Johnson who's been going from "bad to wurst" waging his silly "sausage war" with the EU. By keeping corona virus restrictions in place the PM is demonstrating his "serious side" (who knew?), and will now be helping to save lives for a change.

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Not sure how many lives are left to be saved- yesterday there were a grand total of 3 covid deaths in the UK. I rather think that politicians like PM Johnson have gotten attached to the power they have granted themselves, and are loathe to give it up. It is a bit intoxicating and sexy to be able to tell others what to do.

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Not sure how many lives are left to be saved- yesterday there were a grand total of 3 covid deaths in the UK.

Deaths lag cases, and the number of new cases yesterday were around 8000. This compares to around 1600 at the start of May. So a good move with the Delta variant around.

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This never ends.

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Just in time for the Olympics

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Good. Common sense prevails.

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Just make the lockdowns indefinite then...

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The UK Should have stopped all comings & goings from the Country from the outset. The Brits are collectively a bunch of Morons, unlike their Southern Counterparts in Australia/New Zealand - though its mostly the Murdoch press that urges Brits to that that Overseas vacation that they so badly need.... and Murdoch isn't very popular in his Home Country.... go figure!

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Don't let the more dangerous Delta variant ruin the recent gains - nip it in the bud

The ultimate solution to this is to: Stop. Making. More. Variants.

And the way to stop making more variants in its tracks is to: Stop. Spreading. The. Virus.

Every time the virus spreads, the more chances we give it to create even more new variants

So stop spreading the virus

Dunno why people wanna keep spreading the virus and create more variants

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