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Britain snubbed as France hosts Channel migration talks


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Understandable. The UK has proven in the time since the Brexit vote that it is not a reliable or trustworthy partner.

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Hahaha - you have to laugh at how stupid Macron is.

To have a meeting to discuss ways to stop migrants crossing the Channel, but excluding the UK, is "like Hamlet without the prince".

For Macron to get the hump at what was a perfectly reasonable UK suggestion (that they should take the migrants back to eliminate the incentive for these crossings) shows just how insecure and immature he is. The man is a laughing stock.

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The UK govt of the moment is pathetic.

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For info:

There are 26 million refugees globally 

Half of the world’s refugees are children

85% of refugees are being hosted in developing countries

Top ranking:






Germany being the only developed country in the top 10.

If you look at the number of refugees by 1000 inhabitants, no developed country is in the top 10.


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Rightly so. Patel et al and ptetunalant children. Thus, let the adults attend to the issues.

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Why search 'better life" in Europe where the culture, religion and law is so vastly different. The migrants really need to pick better target. There are many powerful and rich countries in the middle east too. They can always try their luck at the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudie Arabia etc. It would probably be more welcoming and easier to assimilate there than in Europe. Especially considering Europe doesn't want them.

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We can sebd man to the moon ans unable to keep borders safe.

My hint is that some get interest in continuous flow of economic migrants (none of them are refugees, if so they just have to make request and wait).

Greed has no limit.

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I try to imagine the extreme hardships from their position.

What action would I take?

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These are illegal economic migrants not refugees. If they were fleeing for their lives they can settle in the first safe country, if they travel across continents ignoring the safe, advanced and wealthy countries they are passing through there is no excuse.

Agree we should help them but in their own countries, and yes if they work to make their own countries better they wouldn’t need to leave.

The vermin who prey on them need to be eradicated.

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No more time wasting needed.

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Most of families, children climb into these boats in the faintest hope of building a better life.

A life all take for granted.

If born in Iraq, I would do the same without hesitation.

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Both Johnson and Macron are opposite sides of the same coin.

Both will have to grit their teeth, and compromise.

The business model of these people smugglers will need to be broken permanently

And their heads must be seen to roll in the saw dust.

To do this will need the cooperation of all counties and member states.

So it is grin and bare it.

Political differences must be set aside.

There is no way that the UK can process the number of migrants in question.

So it will need a solution that encompasses an agreed process to determine the status and nationality of the people.

And a method, if deemed necessary to returning them to their country of origin.

In excluding the UK Government to the meeting of European ministers is a fundamental/shocking error of Judgement.

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@P. Smith

It is only to be expected with Bojo the clown in charge. He should not have published his letter to Macron on Twitter.

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Leaving to save your life is one thing, shopping for the easiest country to make money in is another.

Who knows what the main reason is so many people risk their lives to escape their homeland.

I wonder how many people from European countries left their homeland because they thought it might be easier to make money somewhere else. As a US American I have heard tales from family members and friends about relatives originally coming to the US so they could have a chance to own their own property, something that was difficult to do then. I have also heard tales of people leaving their homeland to escape the law for some reason. For example why was Friedrich Drumpf (Donald's grandfather) forced to leave Germany?

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We have no information on the smugglers," he added. "Their promises turned out to be lies.

No surprise there. They want money and do not care about results. Prey on the vulnerable.

She was travelling to England to join her fiancee and in search of "a better life," her father Nuri Hama Amin told AFP in an interview at her family home.

She should have used available legal means and waited her turn. She was in no danger at home but left for a better life. Perhaps if these people worked to make life better in their own county they would not leave for seemingly greener pastures.

Leaving to save your life is one thing, shopping for the easiest country to make money in is another.

If they have already made it to Europe, then they should make a life where they managed to enter Europe. Shopping for the best nation in Europe cost her and 26 others their life.

Sad that they died, but they made their choices and the consequences were not worth it.

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