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Britain tells nationals to leave Afghanistan immediately


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Every nation should be advising the same. The Taliban is going to lay waste to this land and bring horror to its people.

12 ( +12 / -0 )

Probably good advice. A little late though.

Islamic terrorist attacks are ramping up in Afghanistan.

In a way, I kind of miss that place.

-13 ( +2 / -15 )

It’s a helluva sad thing to watch.

7 ( +8 / -1 )

US and the UK have failed due to the vast sums of money that have been funnelled to the Taliban by Saudi Arabia - a proxy war if ever there was one.

The Afghanis have been trained to defend their country but do not have the resources which the Taliban have.

Thanks for nothing Saudi Arabia!

1 ( +6 / -5 )

Very sad.

My country/Nato-others spent billions on the Afghanistan nation. And for what? To tuck tail and leave another vacuumed packed perfect storm to allow radicalism Islam interpretations to influence more Jihadist's fighters?

All of it. The cultivating of relationships, Destroying poppy fields that produce licit drugs that pay for terrorist's weaponry. Back in business for Taliban.

Setting up schools hospitals, Safe zone set up's for woman abused by the men.

Areas for Afghan wives and children who are punished under Islamic law to be safe from beatings, rape, stoning's and death. All gone or burned to ground, Watch and see. Stupid whippings for trivial things like driving a car. Deciding to leave an abusive relationship for greener pastures. All of this infrastructure aid and educating, Farming and educational assets. all wasted. Chaps my ......The Taliban just walked right back in meaner than ever and ruthless as ever.

I could spend time writing all the negative things that will come from the Armed forces turning there back on the Afghan people. I have been hoping for decades we could stabilize that region of the world.

The Afghan people are some of the most heart warming hard working kindest people I ever interacted with before the Taiban came along to exploit them. Peace be on to you پښتانه قبايل brothers of Kandahar.

How should I view my GWOT commendations now? The feeling is moittainai. So upsetting.

Such a waste to just pull out like this. I hope our friends who are British citizens serving there. Living there can pull out with out problems or casualties. And I will say the U.K. has allot of people and assets there. British citizens have been right there step for step with NATO the US. France, Germany. many others. To leave the Afghan people flat like this is beyond measure and totally unacceptable.

3 ( +6 / -3 )

For once @P.Smith. We can agree on this and not stand divided or at odds in opinions.

This is hands down one the best comments you ever wrote. So true.

religious zealots of all faiths are plagues on society. So heart breaking. Billions lost, assets lost, lives lost, a Bright future for the Afghan people right down the toilet.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

British whites are called back home for safety but young dumb Gurkhas still need to be there to fight as the frontliners.

Britain should stop recruiting young healthy Nepalese boys. Modern war is not like 200 years ago where one brave Khukuri kills the 20 gutless soldiers. Infact 9/10 Gurkhas were never brave, they were and are still the dumb people, betraying their country to become British servants. Gurkha intake should be banned.

-5 ( +0 / -5 )

Nation building in Afghanistan, despite the pious vows of Bliar and his ilk, was never a realistic project while the equally hapless Tories have never had a clue about building a decent society even in their own country either. All the spilt blood and spent treasure have been for nothing. I feel sorry for the families whose loved ones in the military died in vain as cannon fodder to promote the macho posturing of craven politicians.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

The sudden US withdrawal left the Brits picking up the pieces here... Biden's Politics have screwed both us, and those who worked for us, and now we're scrambling to get out those who we employed.... and rightly so, anything else would look very bad upon the UK for future operations anywhere else within the World.... New travels fast and stays, within the days of the internet.

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I feel so sorry for the mothers and farthers that have lost loved ones to this campaign.

I can see that there will be a lot of reprisals on national afghans and some of the military personnel, I hope that the USA, UK, and other countries, take in there heart to find homes for the afghan peoiple who help us out, either translators, intel, etc. these people will be treated like scum, when the ISIS and the taliban move back in.

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The UK lost its "Power" decades ago, nowadays its akin to a yellow bath duck floating aimlessly around the bath tub looking for a friend to give direction other than the whirlpool of the plug-hole.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

I feel sorry for those in Afghanistan who worked for the "invasion" forces - they worked simply to provide for their Families, though some will be seen as working to kill other Afghanistanians.

To put this into current context - in order to have a job to feed your Family, you have to have an inoculation.

So you have it, and if for whatever rare reason die. Your family can't sue those who demanded it - no one cares - you're just a "has been" towards where they want to go. But to your Family, that may be a completely different picture.

Choice... Choice is a double edged sword.

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China is the one Country taking "benefit" from this mess.

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Britain tells nationals to leave Afghanistan immediately :

It is a must, yes, very unsafe for British to hang around.

The vengeful Taliban know no mercy. They would shoot to kill..

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

America and its allies went into Iraq and Afghanistan without an exit plane even though trillion of dollars were spent. 

You honestly believe that? You think the world’s strongest

military force on the planet went into this with no exit plan? I am going to tell

you this. Everything you said is spoken from someone outside of the loop and

what is fed to you through media. There was plan. But plans change especially

exit plans change. Battle tactics change. But you know what changes more than

battle filed ergonomics and logistics planning troop movements and withdrawal?

Congress and the senate. If you speak with any military planner. one of the

biggest complaints you'll hear is this. By the time budget is set and plan set

in motion and country comes into fruition. Here we go again with more Dem/Reb

divide. Here we come with more paid for sponsorship TV to program to brainwash

the sheeple in the Matrix. A change of hands. The change of guard.

“Say what you

mean and mean what you say.”

-Lt. Gen.

George S. Patton,

The exit and a hand over of democratic sovereign Nation that used

to be oppressed no longer works.

The experiment, the exit. It no longer works. And the question is

why it no longer works.

The answer come with many variables and many challenges and


Unless you sat the table in the war room. Or sat at the table in

any one of the planning rooms in the pentagon. It’s unfair to say there was no

exit plan. The problem is a matter of the heart and money.

As its pains me say this a great deal. America gave up on Afghanistan.

I will agree. Trillions were spent with a viable exit and good exit plan. The

problem is over there. One day the guy you’re counting on to bring you to the

objective. A guy that you spent months years working with, suddenly does a 360

on you and wants you off his lands.

When Lt. Gen. George S. Patton, said this. It was meant from the

private all the way up to the President.

Planning, exiting and warring. Have become so diluted and so hard

to stay on the exit path in a war time situation. Constant flux in the mission

parameters and change to a point the moral of the operation and pulling off a

viable exit nearly impossible. At an acceptable level.

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