Britain to roll out millions of 90-minute coronavirus tests


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The article does not even say what type of test it is, let alone who is making it or what its brand name is. There is nothing to work with here to even find out. And so, we have no clue to gauge how useful they are going to be.

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I checked a news website:

They will comprise 5.8 million tests using DNA and 450,000 swab tests. Neither will need to be administered by a health professional,

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The big question is: how accurate will they be?

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A very cunning way to get a nationwide DNA database

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More info here.

No information on accuracy has been released by the Department of Health. The test does also test for influenza, which will be useful in the coming months.

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They're not testing patients' DNA. The test obtains DNA produced by reverse transcription of viral RNA.

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The big question is: how accurate will they be?

So will the result be a + or - or empty based on COVID, Flu, neither


will different colors be displayed?

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