Britain's royal baby named George Alexander Louis


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Please go by Alex. Too many Georges in the family already!

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I did not know the name George means farmer!

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They should have chosen a name reflecting the UK of 2013:

George Mohammed Piotr.

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Alexander because of previous kings of Scotland where the parents first met at uni. But will the new baby ever become the king of Scotland? We'll know next year when it holds a referendum on independence.

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Ok. Now that the royal baby has a name, we can be done with it.

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Since Prince Charles is Charles Philip Arthur George, he could take Arthur or Philip. For this one, George Alexander Louis, so you could have a King Alex or King Louis. But I dough that it would be King Louis since that did work so well in France in the end. Not very original. King Louis II. King Alexander II. King George VII or VII, King Philip II, King Charles III, or King Arthur... I or II. Do legendary kings count? They you have the Prince William, William Arthur Philip Louis. Guess just to have add King William V. Still none seems to be original.

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Good name. George VI is a hero in my book, even more so because he was never meant to be king.

And yes, he will also be king in Scotland. Even if they vote to dissolve the Union, unlikely as it is, a separate Scotland will still be a monarchy.

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By George! I think they finally have a name! Bravo! Here! Here! I just wonder if this baby will have a nickname??

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I was kind of hoping they would go with Arthur. Or Alfred. ;-)

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