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British boy, 11, sneaks onto Rome flight without passport, ticket


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A pie in the face of UK's security as the Olympics get underway. Not very comforting.

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As long as you look like you belong in the place you are at, officials will smile and wave you on.

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Must have been a shocker for the mother..

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This was an outgoing flight from Manchester, not an incoming flight to London Heathrow, so no soldiers or marines on duty. Yes a slip-up in security, but unrelated to the Olympics security measures.

Of course this never happens in any other country... I mean people getting onto flights without tickets and passports... it could never happen in, say, America...


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Good call Thunderbird2, but the boy made it all the way to Rome! The man in the incident you brought up was caught and arrested.

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The boy went through full security screening

The fact that he did not have a passport or a ticket seems to suggest a less than full security screening.

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Friend of mine flew from Israel to Europe, changed planes and flew to Miami with no ticket without getting spotted. I even watched her get on a bus without a ticket and the driver collecting tickets at the door never even noticed.

There must be some trick to making yourself invisible, as TokyoGas said above.

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I watched a documentary on this a few years back.

The kid in Rome will probably hide out in a big toy store and concoct a series of elaborate yet hilarious booby-traps to ensnare two bumbling thieves bent on revenge.

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When I was young, my concept of running away was packing a back-pack full of Barbies and going next door to play without telling my parents. This kid took it to a whole new level! Reminds me of a new 'Home Alone' movie!

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He doesn't need a passport. And why you can't buy your ticket later at arrival ?

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http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/aviation/9425348/Security-probe-launched-as-boy-11-sneaks-onto-Rome-jet-without-ticket-or-passport.html This must have been every kids dream. They should make a movie. Runaway from mom, travel a short distance from the shopping centre to the airport, go through something like 5 check points, crew missed checking him at the gate, crew missed him as he boarded, and missed him on a final head count. Only reason he got caught was talking to other passengers about running away. I supposed he would have been caught at Rome but who knows....

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This kid has some serious Ninja skills.

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