British comedian Tarbuck arrested over child abuse claim


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I hope they don't dig up any dirt on Benny Hill or Terry-Thomas. Those are the only two British comedians left whom I enjoyed when they were around.

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Benny and Terry are both dead so who cares. Shame that so many people being targetted now. My memory of plenty of tv shows and songs and the general showbiz atitude was that seeing younger people (mid teens say) as somehow of sexual interest was more acceptable than it is now.

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Sometimes I think that the excitement of those involved in the witch hunt is the same human desire as illegal sexual gratification, but just expressed in a different way.

Both giving in to base human weakness.

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That Japanese TV with all its sexualization of children doesn't have this problem is amazing!

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Surely not Tarby too! Hard to believe. Also hard to believe that he's in his seventies.

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The cases of accused pedophiles like Tarbuck,Jerry Sandusky,Savile and Sylvain Kustyan show the need to keep these individuals out of harm's way of our innocent children before they do decades of harm. Kustyan has been formally charged with two counts each of 1st Degree Sodomy and 1st Degree Sexual Abuse of a ten-year-old little boy. Kustyan, a french native, school teacher and author of childrens' textbooks has led numerous groups of school children on trips to England, Ireland and the US. Upon learning that an arrest was imminent, Kustyan fled the US and is currently on the lam and thought to be back in Europe.

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