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Netanyahu brushes off calls for restraint, saying Israel will decide how to respond to Iran's attack


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This no.more like the blood and the crips ,following a drive by,if Iran used clusters munition,it would of been another story, dozen of Israelis got craters by missile from Lebanon,the madness goes on

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Now or Never BiBi.

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Cameron said “it’s clear the Israelis are making a decision to act” against Iran, but he hoped they would do so “in a way that is smart as well as tough and also does as little as possible to escalate this conflict.”

It isn't a conflict Dave, you unelected hypocritical lying clown, it's genocide. And put that pig down when you're speaking...

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So this was an unprecedented attack by Iran ?

Forgotten the numerous bombings, assassinations of Iran and its leaders and the bombing of the Iranian Embassy.

Ooh...yeah...reversing offender and victim again Israel.

Is this an ingrained personality trait ?

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If Netanyahu is thinking that Iran is Gaza!? I suggest he takes a look again.

Iran is Not Gaza, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, or even Lebanon, Best of Luck Bibi.

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Finish the job, Israel. Remove the terrorists, sign the Abraham accords with the Saudis and bring peace to the region!

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Gloves are off, Iran has crossed that Red Line and there will be NO return, it will no longer standby and watch Netanyahu attack it's resources and assassinate it's people, the free ride is over.

If Netanyahu is not given a dose reality and soon then we may be looking at WW3 which started on Oct. the 7th.

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Netanyahu is willing to take the whole of Israel down with him. Israels iron Dome is more than capable of protecting it against bottle rockets from Hamas and Hezbollah, it is not capable of deflecting a genuine sustained strike from Iran. Even with the support of its allies, Israel would end up as a crater. Sure, Iran would too afterwards, but its lose lose. I hate war. I hate it when innocent people get killed becasue of poor leadership.

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He's like Trump, afraid of jail and doing everything to stay out, peace be damned. The apologist and enabler U.S. is just as responsible for not controlling their rabid dog from the get go. Continuing with the funding and sending weapons to Netanyahu while on the public stage calling for restraint, good gawd, it's infuriating and sickening.

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When the Germans have Bibi's back, there's no holding him back. It's the Hague or bust for this prima facie war criminal wanted for "plausible" genocide". Meanwhile, the Iranians are now waiting for Netanyahu to make his next belligerent blunder to cover the tracks of his corruption and the many October 7 deaths on his watch.

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Should be interesting to watch. Iran is a paper tiger and will be dealt with severely.

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Should be interesting to watch. Iran is a paper tiger and will be dealt with severely.

If Iran is just a paper tiger what is the point in dealing with them severely?

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One commentator with military experience and a former weapons inspector, Scott Ritter, sees Iran as a more powerful adversary than Israel.

Not 1970''s or 80's anymore...Iran has capability.

Definitely not a paper tiger.

Israel wants to be the pre eminent power in the Middle East....it isnt, and certainly wont be if Western nations reduce their support.

Which could happen because voters elect leaders and Israel not popular at present.

Not unrealistic to think Israel {read Netanyahu and the crazy war cabinet } bombed the Iranian Embassy , knowing the Iranian's would respond and Israel hoping for a larger war with US on the Israeli side.

Seems Gaza not on media's attention at present....mores the shame.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday his country would be the one to decide whether and how to respond to Iran’s major air assault earlier this week, brushing off calls for restraint from close allies.

Of course after Netanyahoo strikes Iran we can expect G7 to strongly condemn Israel's escalation and impose sanctions, right? I mean anything less would be double standards / hypocrisy right?

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“I want to be clear: we will make our decisions ourselves. The state of Israel will do whatever is necessary to defend itself,” Netanyahu said.

Just stating the obvious as the ELEVEN Arab nations that have tried to invade Israel since its establishment have each had their hides handed to them.

Time for Iran to get embarrassed again.

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Next level theatrics. Now we have the US asking Iran to setup a retaliatory fireworks display.


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