Islamic State 'Beatle' gets life term for U.S. hostage deaths


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Life in solitary confinement is an apt punishment for his barbarity. He'll still have a toilet, a sink with running water and a bed. Food through a steel shutter (hopefully not 'halal'), and he can sit and sit and sit. Until he rots.

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Life means life in the USA.

I hope he suffers in pain and misery for the rest of his miserable life.

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Wasting good US tax dollars, he should have gotten the death penalty and we could save the money, we definitely need it and could use it more productively.

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I hope he suffers in pain and misery for the rest of his miserable life.

Along with 3 meals, a hot shower and a bunk plus activities.

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Stop calling crap like this a ‘Beatle’.

It’s an insult.

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His bad hair day is about to get worse.

Shouldn't be allowed to grow a beard

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They should force this animal to watch the snuff films he starred in every day for the rest of his life.

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I rarely wish to sink to the barbarity and depravity of some of these stories you read, but this guy needs to suffer.

A stain on the human race.

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He will have to be kept in solitary for his own safety. A foreigner, (he's a British citizen not "British") jailed for killing Americans, will not last long in an open US prison.

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AB will take care of him if given the chance.

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When are Paul and Ringo going to sue? Stop calling these lowlifes 'Beatles'.

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El Shafee Elsheikh, who was formally sentenced to life in prison Friday for a leading role in the beheading deaths of American hostages, had a somewhat whimsical nickname as a so-called “Beatle” that belied the viciousness of his conduct.

Some people are up in arms about the need to rename the monkeypox virus because it might hurt monkeys' feelings but to freely associate these murderers with the name The Beatles is beyond sanity.

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The death penalty isn't a good option in my opinion as many of these radical extremist types are suicidal already.

On the other hand we shouldn't have to pay to keep them alive either.

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Isn't there hard labour in the US. Out in the desert digging for 8 hours a day in the scorching sun

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