British lawmakers, celebrities call for people's vote on Brexit


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You shouldn't vote for something about which you haven't educated yourself thoroughly.

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Some people just cannot come to terms with the result.

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The people voted and spoke and the government must honor that regardless what the Brexit will mean and a referendum about a referendum is not needed or useful. I don't have the British vote anymore, because the current government removed the right to vote for citizens living out of the country for more than 15 years. I would have voted against the Brexit.

It was the current government which created the Brexit Referendum in the first place, stupid dumb because they thought it would be defeated.

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The people voted and spoke and the government must honor that regardless 

Or they could let the people vote again and see if they feel strongly differently, on sober reflection. I don't think the government can unilaterally say, "Stuff the referendum results - we'll do what we think is best." However, even if they can't make a fair claim that there was outside meddling (fake news campaigns by foreign actors, etc.), they could offer it up for a re-vote, now that the public is more informed about what Brexit means, costs, and looks like. It seems down-right sensible.

And if the public again produce and Exit majority, then away they break.

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How many times the liberals want to vote for the Brexit?

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Whats done is done what Brits do is up to them they had special status for as long as they were part of the EU let them sort it out, and no a re thread of a referendum isn't going to fix it, you can't constantly do a re election every time you get results you don't like then what is the point of a referendum in the first place?

They made their bed now they have to lie in it and now bargain with a weaker prime minister.

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