British leadership candidates against new Scottish independence push

By Andrew MacAskill and Sachin Ravikumar

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Why would Scotland want to be part of the English-led UK? I don’t know a single person who wants to stay.

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we're family. And I will never ever let our family be split up

In most families, I think (hope) everyone's pretty much free to do what they want.

about a quarter of Scots are likely to support independence regardless of which Conservative candidate wins, according to an opinion poll published by Survation and Diffley Partnerships.

That survey focused on being "more likely" to support independence. Recent surveys have shown a rough 50-50 split. The survey found the majority would not change their opinion on independence whether for or against.

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RodneyToday  09:54 am JST

Why would Scotland want to be part of the English-led UK? I don’t know a single person who wants to stay.

Well, they had a referendum.....

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The UK has outlived its usefulness and each for the four countries should just go their own way. Scots can easily survive independence, not sure about Wales but I'm sure they could manage and no-one gives a rats arse about Northern Ireland apart from the Unionists. This in theory would give England more money to spend on itself rather then having to give a portion to the other three.

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The Scots don't actually want to Separate from the UK, most are annoyed at the SNP's waste of money with matters around this fanciful idea.

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Brexit was the right thing to do for the whole of Europe, including Scotland.... the fact is, that Europe of today, has become dysfunctional, bogged down in bureaucratic nonsense.

A rethink of the Maastricht treaty, is required, perhaps along the lines suggested by Macron - allowing a state to become an "Affiliate" rather than a fully embedded member ?

The only danger there, is that a lot of states - may in-fact elect to become Affiliates - Italy, Greece, and Spain to name but a few, however, it would allow the core states (Belgium, France, Netherlands and Germany) to get their collective houses in order - to build the foundations of a possible new Union at some future date.

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I mean, the UK loves exits. So I don’t see the issue with Scotxit. The majority of Scots wanted to remain in the EU, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a nice chunk of people who voted against independence the first time would have had a change of heart.

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